Social Media Treasure Hunt!
Want to win a prize! Compete in the World of Supernaturals' Social Media Treasure Hunt! Find the keys, win a prize! Instructions are found in the article.

- From : Joelle Zakos

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Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos If anyone is struggling with the treasure hunt, feel free to contact me for help or hints! I want everyone to be able to enjoy this and the frustration level to be low.

Neena Addams

Neena Addams Nice!!! I'll try to find these hidden treasures!!! (though not sure if I am ready to do so yet...)

Eclipse Hewitt

Eclipse Hewitt Cool^^

Violet Martins

Violet Martins Found them :D

Bree McKenna

Bree McKenna FUN! So fun! I wanna do it! Lets go guys! I wanna know whats in the thing!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Lets do thisssss.

Ivy Thistle

Ivy Thistle Ooooo go hunt!

Pryor Laurent

Pryor Laurent I love Scavenger Hunts! *runs*

Daan Campbell

Daan Campbell Oh... That's pretty interesting :D

Stefan Valentine

Stefan Valentine Oh amazing! A great treasure hunt!

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