Treasure Chest
Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Joelle Tryggvason and I am the head of the Social Media/Techie Team here on World of Supernaturals. You might have seen me in chat, eating large quantities of fruit salad in the Mess Hall, or posting an alarmingly large amount of pictures on my wall. Today, I'm going to be speaking on behalf of my fabulous Techie Team, when I announce a Social Media Treasure Hunt!

Storyline: When Joelle arrived at her office after lunch she discovered an envelope outside of her door. Trying not to spill the tea she was carrying, she pried the envelope open. Inside was a note...

Immediately, she hurried to her office phone. She needed to meet with her Techie Team and see what they wanted to do.

Mission: Your mission, if you choose to accept it. Is to find the six missing keys. They will be scattered throughout the social media sites and site blog. They might be embedded in articles or hidden in pictures. Keep your eyes open for them. When you find all six missing keys, please send mail to Joelle Tryggvason with each key's exact location. If you get all the answers correct you will win the contents of the treasure chest... once we get it open that is.

Details: Answers are due by July 10th at 11:59 (EST) --->

Social Media Links: (Don't forget to also check the Site Blog)

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Good Luck