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Nahalenia Winchester Featuring: Amanda Hamilton
Hey everyone,
In this blog post series, I will be explaining to you what all jobs are about on WoS and what they're all about. I hope you enjoy it!

Today it's the teacher's aide turn. These white snowflakes mean a lot to the site! They are a big deal when it comes to homework. This is because after a week if it's not graded, it comes to them and gives them. Then they grade it and give you the right grade for your homework. But not only that! They also look at assignments that have received many different gradings. For example several low grades and several high grades. They review these grades and give the right grading!

Of course you also have to apply for this job, otherwise, you will not get it. You can apply on the Clubs page of the WoS menu! Like I said, you have to apply for it and you have to meet a number of requirements.

So... if you are 15 years or older, you can write well, you know a lot about the universe of supernaturals and you're honest, reliable and fair, you just have to take a chance and apply!

But, yes, there's another thing... After you turn in your application and show that you meet the requirements. You also must submit your IG name, age IRL (in real life), and all the names of your accounts on other WoX sites in your application. Depending on how many other accounts, it could take you a while to type them all up. Some of us might already have a whole book worth.

Well, now that I've told you what the job entails and how to apply, I did an interview with a teacher's aide, namely ...
Amanda Hamilton!

Interview Portion

Q: For people who do not know very well, who are you?

A: “Hello! Well, my name is Amanda Hamilton. I came from New York a good year ago to the Nexus. (And I am the annoying snowflek who bothers all hunters about homework XD)”

Q: Why do you actually have the job of a teacher's aide?

A: “I applied for the job because I like to help people and try to motivate them. I'm here to give advice on how to do homework if someone is lost a bit or check something they don't understand. And of course motivation. (Which practically means I ping them all the time to make them do the work.)”

Q: Home Economics is a great profession, but what do you find so special about the profession?

A: “You just can't live without it. But seriously, do you know how many things can go wrong if you are not careful with your food? (You can learn all about it in this class!) And just learning how to take care of yourself is important. All the little tricks which you can use in your household is very practical, especially if you live by yourself and didn't get anyone else to look out for this for you.”

Thanks, Amanda for your time!

Well, if you don't like this job, I don't understand it either. But nice that you slipped past and read this article, until the next time, bye bye lovelies!
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Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton Do them homeworks! :3

Jaeha Kwon

Jaeha Kwon The snowflek job is really fun! Great article!!

Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery Being the Teacher's Aide is so much fun and they're helpful too with their lessons. Awesome interview you guys! ♥

Ariel Bouvier

Ariel Bouvier Nice article Nahalenia, and also Amanda for answering all those questions! It sounds like fun, maybe you'll have another snowflake around soon!

Amberle Colt

Amberle Colt Oh yes, snowfleks are amazing and help so much! A wonderful article guys!

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm Wonderful article! Snowflake sounds like a lot of fun!

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