10 reasons why...
Are you a person that often doubts yourself? Having a hard time choosing? Every week the SoMe team will give you 10 reasons why you really should do something.

- From : Neena Addams

10 Reasons why...
Being a techie is Awesome!
Welcome everyone to 10 reasons why: A blog about why a job is really amazing to work for. As you may have noticed. Our berry-bean Morrigan Marvelles left us. And that leaves me without a big team again. So in the search of new Techies Morrigan and I decided to write a blog about why being a techie is awesome to be.

The 10 Reasons why:
Written by Morrigan Marvelles

1. You have a awesome boss
2. You have a lot of freedom to help thinking about new blog idea's or things for instagram and Facebook
3. You have a really really tasty color, she loves to calls you Berry
4. If you have crazy idea's dont worry because Neena loves to put them online. Like Wine & Dine and Behind the Brain. Everything is possible
5. If you can make some basic codes, you are allowed to make codes, and Neena will love you for it. Just a little bit... Shhhh
6. You can make your boss crazy, push her for deadlines and remind her of deadlines, who doesnt love to do that.
7. Everyone sees your blog and articles for SoMe first, it is your job to make people more interested in WoS and make them come to the site.
8. Neena Addams gives you a lot of changes to make your wishes come true.
9. You will work in a amazing team that still looks a little empty...
10. You have the amazing Neena Addams as boss.Good Luck With that

Morrigan Marvelles!!! I am not that scary!!! But anyway, here you have it! Ten reason to join our amazing team!

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Louise Gold

Louise Gold Imma check it out then XD

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Go apply to the team! <3

Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos Yes! Apply!!! Great team

Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste Indeed join the team! They're awesome.

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte JOIN THE TEAM

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