10 reasons why...
Always wanted to write, but never really knew if you should. Let me tell, it really is worth a try. Here are 10 reasons why everyone should try writing!

- From : Neena Addams

10 Reasons why:
Everyone should try writing

Written by
Your own Neena Addams
Every week the Techies provide you with two if I might say pretty cool blogs. However, every week these two blogs must be written too. And I am sure we all love the books in the Archives and the articles of Nexux News and the Daily Demons. These books and articles must be written too and I fear that some people might forget how amazing writing is, in this time of technology and calling.

10 reasons why everyone should try writing:

1.You can be as creative as you like. There are almost no limitations to what you write, only your own fantasy can stop you from doing certain things.

2. You can share your work with many different people. Needless to say I think that this is not possible with all forms of art. Sure you can upload a clip where you dance, but your written art is easier to share.

3. You can share your work on many different platforms. Which again makes point 2 easier. Because we have things like fanfiction or wattpad, your story could spread around the world quite fast.

4. You can win prizes by writing. Sure, you can win prizes with many things, but when you search online on contests, many involve writing. Whether this is a story or poem or anything else, you can really win some nice things with it, if you're lucky.or not...

5. If you are any good, you can earn quite some money. Do I need to explain this? Just look at all the famous writers! You can earn plently of money and might get famous pretty fast.

6. People love reading many different things. So it doesn't really matter what you write, your story could just be the thing they are looking for. I think this counts for both your own world and fanfiction.

7. It's a great way to put your mind somewhere else. Writing really helps me clear my head and deal with problems, mostly because either I can focus on something else or let my character have the same problems to accept them and possibly solve them.

8. You can create your own world. It doesn't matter where you are from, because when you write, you are the creater. Don't like the tree blocking your view? It doesn't have to be there in your story.

9. It's pretty good for your cognitive and linguistic development. No, not joking! Writing and reading really helps to let you think outside the box and and learn more about a language. Especially if it's not your native language.

10. Research shows that it can improve your intelligence. This doesn't mean that once you write or read you will suddenly be a professor, but for those with potential, it is one of the ways to unlock their potential.

Bonus: There are many different forms of writing. Just because you don't like writing books, might not mean you can't write in your diary or start a blog! Anything is possible and you are not limited to one option when it comes to how you write.
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Gloria Winchester

Gloria Winchester Great work! I love writing.

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Very very true things!

Echo Maddix

Echo Maddix I love this blog post! Very interesting!

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