Would You Rather? (Supernatural Edition)
A look at some hard to choose decisions from the series. After all, not everything is easy right?

- From : Zahra Valentine

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Emely Jackson

Emely Jackson have Ruby back, bring Charlie back, have old death back, bring back Rowena, bring back Gabe and deal with leviathans

Piper Jacobs

Piper Jacobs Bring back Meg, Charlie OLD Death, Crowley AND Rowena, Gabe, and would rather deal with Leviathans than God

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Oooo here we gooo - Ruby, Jo, OLD Death foh sure, Crowley (good ol Fergie) Gabe (cos hot damn that stuck in a tv ep was pure gold) Definitely would much rather take on Leviathans rather than God ... Ima just |chuck| that one out there.

June Babelin

June Babelin Bring back Jo, have oold death back, bring back Crowley, bring back Lucifer, and deal with Leviathans

Kyra Leilani

Kyra Leilani Ooo, these are tough D: butttt Bring back Meg, Bring back Charlie, Have OLD Death back, Bring back Crowley, Bring back Gabe, Deal with God.

June Babelin

June Babelin bring back Meg

Nora Medina

Nora Medina Bring back Ruby
Bring back Jo
Have OOOLD Death back
Bring back Crowley
Bring back Lucifer
Deal with Leviathans

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