10 Reasons why: Being a Sentinel is best
Taking a look into our amazing student jobs, and how being apart of their team is amazing!

- From : Zahra Valentine

10 Reasons why:
Being a sentinel is amazing

Written by Remy Marvelles and the Sentinel
As you know, we have many student jobs here on World of Supernaturals, so today we are going to dive into 10 reasons why being a sentinel is amazing, hope you enjoy! And who knows, maybe this will get you to apply for an amazing job.

10 reasons why being a sentinel is amazing:

1. As a member of the security team it is your job to make sure that the rules of the sites are respected, especially in the topics. This means you have a great excuse for stalking them!

2. Because of all the stalking, you're the first to find out about gossip. You're up to date about everything happening in the Nexus!

3. You have a great knowledge of the rules, which can come in quite handy. You'll exactly know how to bend the rules to your own hand... Or just live by them - whatever you prefer!

4. You'll have the chance of being part of the security department in game, which is great for your background story!

5. The best thing about it: you get paid to be a bossy know-it-all, to correct people in chat and to stalk topics. How much greater can it be?

6. When you're a member of this team, you'll also have the gorgeous and rather sexy purple colour!

7. When you're doing a nightshift and see a student sneaking around, you'll have the pleasure to scare the hell out of 'em!

8. You have more power than the average student, which can be pretty cool.

9. Although your boss - Pandora Seymour - has the ability to walk in your dreams, she will never bribe you with your biggest desire. She's actually not scary at all, says our source at the Sentinel!

10. You have the chance te be part of a truly amazing team!

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Sophrina Evangeline

Sophrina Evangeline :D :D Join us!! <3

Laken Ryder

Laken Ryder Yes! go be a grep all <3

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte JOIN SENTINELS!!!!

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles This is awesome great writing Remy! I love it Is it to late to become a sentinel?

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