Pirate Party Costume Winners!
Who had the most spectacular costumes at the Social Media Treasure Hunt Finale Pirate Party? Find out here!

- From : Joelle Zakos

Costume Awards

The Costume Awards from the Social Media Treasure Hunt Pirate Party
-The Techie Team-


The Costumes...

Check out the fabulous winning costumes!


So... who won which award?
Most Creative - Miriel Leonis
Funniest - Ray Robinson
Larger-Than-Life - Ellie Winters
Overall Favorite - Andi Williams

Make sure to congratulate the winners on their hard work, participation, and fabulous costumes!

Comments from the judges...

"I really like Miriel's, especially that they included what it would look like without the cloak as well. I loved that Ray edited the picture, it made me giggle a bit. Reminded me of Jack Sparrow. Andi's was absolutely lovely and I think overall it's a great one. A really great image they found. And Ellie's, well, it's from Descendants :D I think the whole "larger-than-life" thing fits the character she picked"
- Isaiah Zelinsky

"I really like how different Miriel's is. It's still very piratey while it is unique. Ray's is just amazing! The added photoshop makes this look like Captain Hook on a budget. Which I absolutely love. Ellie's is very much "ellie". She is "larger than life" and this really shows that. Andi's is just outstanding. Exactly what I would expect with a pirate and what I had in mind for when I heard about this contest"
- Allison Brooks

"All of these costumes were amazing! I could easily see how much work you each put into selecting your costume and posting in the topic! That means a LOT to me! Miriel's costume is very creative! I love how she provided us with two versions of the costume to look at: one with the cloak and one without. Ray's costume made me SO happy! I love that she took the time to edit her FC to inculde the costume. Ellie's costume was so much fun! The blue hair might seem uncommon for a pirate, but I think that's part of what makes her costume larger than life. Andi's costume is prefectly pirate-y. Great job everyone!"
-Joelle Tryggvason

Best Wishes,




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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Congratz everyone!!!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Wheeeee yessss!!! Congrats everyone!

Jaeha Kwon

Jaeha Kwon Wooooo!!

Isaiah Zelinsky

Isaiah Zelinsky Woot woot!!!!

Ellie Winters

Ellie Winters Congrats to the others

Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste Congratulations everyone!

Tobias Griffin

Tobias Griffin Well done everyoneeee!!

Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery Woohoo! Congrats to everyone!! ♥

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