The Spotlight (September 2018)

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Casey Ravenhearst
Everson Wagner & Allison Brooks

Hello! For those of you who are lost, this is the September monthly Topic Spotlight! Each month we choose one topic that stands out and give it a spotlight! What is a spotlight? Well the spotlight entails a topic summary, and an interview with the participants! This months winner is “Doing Random Stuff… Breaking Stuff...” by Everson Wagner and Allison Brooks!

Though this topic doesn’t seem to be finished, it shows some really detailed replies! In this topic, Everson is just getting to know the staff and take a trip to the armory. Everson feels he’s going soft, and needs a little more practice in the armory. Not long after Everson began practising, none other than Allison Brooks walks in and decides to scare Everson while he’s messing around with swords… if you ask me that doesn’t mix very well…

Luckily, all Everson did was yelp and drop his sword. The two talked for a bit, and that is where the topic leaves off for now. If you all want to follow along to see if they decide to continue the topic, here’s the link:


Q1: Did you guys plan out this topic, or just go with the flow?

Everson: “We didn't 100% plan out the topic, we kinda just got bored one day and decided to do a topic. I typed what first came to my mind and just went with the flow of whatever Allison responded with. We might have planned it out in a way because we wanted Everson and Allison to meet and maybe cause some trouble and the topic did go that way.”

Allison: “We didn't exactly plan it out. I just remember that we decided to do the topic and told Everson to surprise me with something. I have to say, that he did a really good job. I just need to get my butt on replying. Haha!”

Q2: Do you think your characters will have any further relations?

Everson: “I honestly don't know what relation our characters will be having in the future. Right now, out of game, we are "Married" (more like we just yell wife and husband at each other). In game, we are kinda just acquaintances or new friends. Maybe we will be really great friends? Or maybe we will be "family", in a sense. OR we could be partners in crime.”

Allison: “Everson is my platonic husband. He proposed to me jokingly and I said, "Sure!" So, that is the story of us! In the end, we are good friends! I look forward to see what we could be in the future. I always look forward to meeting new people. They all have something fun and new to bring into my life.”

Q3: What are some tips you have for those new to the role playing world?

Everson: “Some tips that I have for new people of the role-playing world... take your time when planning out your character and topics. Topics can be life changing for your character and other people's character. Also don't be afraid to try something new when role-playing, at first I only wanted to make characters like my IRL self but found it more fun to be something a little bit different.”

Allison: “You aren't going to know everything about your character right away. It takes so much time to learn your character. You will think of new things everyday but some just won't work. You need to stick with your character for as long as possibly can in order to learn about their life and where you want them to go. Sites like these are incredible for developing your character! I would not be able to do it as well without them.”

Remember to keep topicing, and you may end up in one of these blog posts! Please keep an eye out for more blog posts from us on the techie team, and don’t forget to check out the WoS Facebook page if you haven’t already! See you next time with an intriguing interview!


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Casey Ravenhearst

Casey Ravenhearst Thankies <3

Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste Casey, you did such a fantastic job here. Nice work! To Allison and Everson as well. XD

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