Behind the Brain || 005
So… The brain behind 'Behind the Brain'... Today we look into the life of the marvelles life of Morrigan Marvelles!

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
So, we all know the lovely berry-turned-bean who started this blog. He is amazing, pretty sexy, currently engaged I even think… Anyway, he’s not much of a mystery, though some might argue that you can never really understand the brain of the opposite sex. Please welcome Morrigan Marvelles!

Feels a bit awkward sitting on the other side of the table. Well thank you for having me Neena. I am so happy to be here, they have a dutch saying iemand het hemd van het lijf vragen. No you cant have my shirt and then start to ask me all those questions.

So Morrigan… We all know you as the berry that turned into a bean within a week, I believe it was just a week yeah. And though I fully supported you, I do wonder. Why did you make the choice to join the Techies and also apply for Demonology?

Well it was two weeks, i loved being a techie and i was doubting until one week before the deadline of the application for Demonology, i love the dark side of this course. And as you know i still help out sometimes. But i never ever got a change to be a teacher and now i do. And i still miss being a techie.

Mmm… I guess I understand better now. I am still sad that you changed your colour into beanie green, but I could never deny Joelle to have such an amazing member in her team. Are there any tips and trick you have for us regarding demons? After all, you are the expert!

Well, i don't know, if you follow my classes you will learn how to defend yourself with weapons and old grandma’s tricks. Like salt and goofer dust. Isn't it lovely to cover your whole house in salt and pepper?

Mmm, yeah, perhaps that could do the trick. I am a coward, so that probably won’t change, but maybe it might help a little. But enough about work, after all, we can always ask you about that at the Nexus. What I wanna know is more about you! I know you have a daughter, Zillah. Can you tell me more about her and her mom?

Well Zillah is almost six, she was born on the same day as me 1th of January. Her mom died when she was two, which is sad, because Zillah can’t remember much of her. We gave Zillah her second name like her mom. Elina was attacked and they still don't know, if it was a demon attack or something else. That made me apply for Demonology so i can protect those people against demons.

They both must mean quite a lot to you, but we don’t forget Hela! I am sure she knows all about you, but maybe there are some secrets you don’t want her to know yet which I will accept yet I want to know one thing… What would be the perfect date for you and Hela?

Well, everything that includes tea and food, so for the first date we went on a high tea, and that is where we fell in love. We had so much in comment, and it felt like magic. I fell head over heels in love with Hela.

Nawww… should have asked that as last question, now I have to interview as a puddle Okay okay, enough sentimental stuff… I know quite a bit about Morrigan and even a few things about you IRL. What is the biggest difference and the biggest similarity between you and Morrigan?

Well as you know, i am a girl in real life, heheh but Morrigan looks like a macho man but he isn’t. Just like me. They always think i am a bitch but i am not. Hehe so that is what we have in common just like we love dark stuff. De big difference is that Morrigan has a daughter and is a teacher which is both not what i have.

Mmm, well, you surprised me there. Okay, last one, as we are running out of time… Could you please tell us a little something about a guilty pleasure of yours and why you like it that much?

Well Hela No jk jk. I love tea, and i love dancing in my house when nobody is there just like dancing in just socks. And only socks. *winkwink* I don't know it is just fantastic.

Hahaha, okay, yeah, seems legit. Thank you for this amazing interview Morry! Do you have any last words to say to our readers?

Everyone should be a techie! So come join the team, so Neena wouldn't kill me or will let me go one day. she isnt that bad
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Gloria Winchester

Gloria Winchester Fantastic!

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles Omg its me *faints dramatic*

Tilian Castwell

Tilian Castwell That hair flip, though...

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