10 reasons Why: Travelling is amazing
An article about why travelling is amazing, come see the reasons why we think travelling is fun!

- From : Zahra Valentine

10 Reasons why:
Travelling is amazing

Written by Remy Marvelles
Although it's not that time of the year yet on WoS, I think we could agree that everyone loves the holiday. Students love the fact that they don't have to go to school, adults love that they don't have to work and I love that I can write and fantasize about it aah, I can almost picture myself laying on the beach with a cocktail in my hand. It's also the perfect time for travelling! Why would you go travelling? Well, I'm glad you ask!

10 reasons why travelling is amazing:

1. Honestly, sometimes you just need to go away for a while. Work can be busy, school can get boring... So you just leave for a couple of weeks and when you come back, you're ready to slay again

2. And you'll learn a lot because of travelling as well! You can tell a lot about the culture to the history of the country when you come back from your holiday.

3. Travelling is not only a good idea if you want to learn new things, but also if you want to escape your own boring life. You can make going abroad as adventurous as you want!

4. But it's also perfectly possible if you want to relax instead!

5. You'll also be able to experience the cuisine of the country you're in, which I don't really mind honestly. At least, if I don't have to eat crickets or something like that...

6. Although I prefer food over people, I gotta say that meeting new people is also a great part of travelling. Sometimes these friendships last a life long!

7. Life is short. Okay, maybe not for all the vampires here but... Experience those things while you can!

8. After travelling you'll be extremely grateful for what you have in your life. That great shower, your comfy bed and of course you're amazing friends - you will appreciate that a lot more after being away for some time.

9. Besides learning a lot about the land itself and the people you meat, you'll also learn for your personal growth. You learn how to intereact with strangers and how to deal with unexpected turns for example. You'll come back as a whole new person!

10. They're really helpful! When I asked them to help me with the post, they responded very quickly and within a small amount of item we had our ten reasons!

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Carmella Ashwood

Carmella Ashwood Hmm...I want to go traveling now! xD Amazing blog <3

Madelyn Hayes

Madelyn Hayes I completely agree, traveling is amazing!

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