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Welcome back to "Nexus Fashion" this week we are featuring Echo Maddix, an instructor right here at The Nexus.

- From : Joelle Zakos


Welcome back to "Nexus Fashion" this week we are featuring Echo Maddix, an instructor right here at The Nexus.

The first word that comes to mind when looking at Echo's style is, powerful. She is no damsel in distress. Treat her like one and you might not live to see your next Survival class with her (isn't that ironic). Echo might be brave, strong, and a little closed off a first, but her friends say that she's loyal and protective.

We decided to follow Echo around for a week to check out her fashion. The first outfit we spotted Echo in, was this amazing white dress. Not only is it stylish, but it's an easy outfit to spar in. Something that comes in handy for training here at The Nexus.

One thing stood out to us about Echo's fashion during our week of observation. It's completely and uniquely her. She is confident in her abilities as a fighter and a survival instructor and that confidence shines through in her clothing choices.

The next outfit we're going to share is one that I completely fell in love with as soon as I saw it (someone is going to need to buy me one).

It's the subtle colors in this dress that stood out to me the most. Light tans, browns, and yellows all spun together into this beautiful, yet simple, fabric. And the trimmmmm (nearly dies). It also helps that it comes with a belt for her weapons. That way she doesn't need to go back and forth for them before her survival class starts.

So how do you feel like your best self like Echo does? The first thing I suggest is taking a little time away from your electronics (she says while typing on her laptop). Find something new to try. Maybe you've never been hiking, or you've never tried a mango. Even the simplest things can start to help you find your best self. Still not working? Try to pursue some small goals, setting and completing goals can feel very fulfilling! Also, make sure you're making good choices in your habits. Can't shake that midnight trip to the pastry cabinet? Try to remember that the habits you make now will affect your body for the rest of your life. So try to become your best self now, so that you don't have any regrets later. Okay, I'll shut up before I push the limit from "she's annoying" to "please fire her, Chester" (yes Dean, I see you).

That's all for today! Want to be featured in the next edition of "Nexus Fashion"? Send a mail to Joelle Zakos with your face claim and 3 facts about your character's personality and style.
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Emma Knight

Emma Knight This looks great

Neena Addams

Neena Addams Love them!!! Looking great Echo!

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Love these articles! <3

Theodore Rickhart

Theodore Rickhart Joelle I do hope you'll be next!

Echo Maddix

Echo Maddix *Bows* thank you, thank you all! Love the article Joelle, for some reason it's probably my favorite!

Jason Moretti

Jason Moretti Such great fashion! Chester... you should also take tips from Echo ;) And so should everyone else! Such a stylish individual

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte *buys Joelle an outfit*

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