Graduate Staff Interviews: Ellie Winters
Learn more about our social butterfly, Ellie Winters! <3

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Graduate Staff Interviews

Ellie Winters - Combat Training Instructor

  1. FULL NAME - Ellie Marie Winters
  2. CAREER/ROLE - Combat Training Instructor
  3. FACTION - Hunters
  4. CURRENT AGE - 23
  5. STATUS/ES - None currently
  6. HOMETOWN - Long Island
  7. CURRENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS- A small town outside of the Nexus with my brothers Jay and Ely.
  8. SIGNIFICANT OTHER/S - None, I'm not very social or good with relationships or feelings.
  9. CHILDREN -I'm too young! Oh, God!
  10. WHY IS THE NEXUS IMPORTANT TO YOU? - Its a place where I can be myself and watch my brothers grow happily and safely as well as making so many friends that I highly doubt I would have met if not for the nexus. Also teaching is my passion sooo yay.
  11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AT THE NEXUS? -Oh well thats not hard yet hard *chuckles* I love the library as I love reading (i have been called belle due to it) or my office as its peaceful or maybe even my classroom as I know ill be teaching students about defending themselves
  12. QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? - Veni, Vidi, Vici which means I came, I saw, I conquered its a tattoo I have as well *shows right arm*
  13. ANY ADVICE FOR INCOMING WOS MEMBERS? -Be yourself, dont be afraid to just let it all out. I was and it made me feel alone but coming to the Nexus has really opened up my eyes to the possibilities that come my way with being myself. Also do your homework obvious teacher words, but it helps for exams.

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Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks Fantastic interview! <3 It's wonderful to get to know another incredible instructor a little better. I'm looking forward to see your class next year <3

Isaiah Zelinsky

Isaiah Zelinsky Oooooo, very interesting! Loved reading about Ellie! ♥

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm Awesome interview, as always!

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