Monstrous Musings: Vol. 1
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- From : Joelle Zakos

The Nexus, Kansas City

Ever wondered where the stories of imaginary friends come from? And whether or not they are actually real? Wonder no longer, as I will tell you all that you would've or wouldn't want to know about the creatures behind the legend.

Let me present to you: the Zanna. Yes, that is their actual name. I for sure did not make this up, couldn't, even if I wanted to. Anyways, let's get onto the business of today, which are the ins and outs when it comes to these mysterious and rather.. strange creatures. They are what one would call, the guardian angels of children. There to help them out whenever necessary. As you may know, not all children have an imaginary friend after all I never did, and just looking these up, I'm rather glad I didn't. It seems they only appear to those that are going through a rough period in their life. Once the child doesn't need them anymore, they move onto the next.

Fun fact! Despite being playful, yet wise and knowledgable creatures, they are more human than one would expect. Not just by appearance however, have you actually seen them? I wouldn't want to run into any of them at night, but just like us, they can screw up and make mistakes. For example when trying to help a kid, it can perfectly backfire on them, only to make matters worse. In which case, they will feel guilt and blame themselves, just like we do.

So looking into them, it seems that they have more human tendencies as they actually do date each other and produce offspring though I can't help but wonder how that would work in case of a mermaid-like Zanna? They also possess the very basics of magic, which is extremely limited to things such as conjuring and glamouring. Invisible to everyone besides those that they decide to show themselves to, there's an actual spell that will make all Zanna visible to the caster. Why one would want that however, is beyond me. Nightmare material, I tell you.

Despite being commonly known as the imaginary friends some children have nowadays, their lore reaches way further back into history. To be precise, even all the way back to Romania, where they are considered to be close relatives to fairies and elves. Living in the woods, much like they do, they are guides to children and adults alike whenever they get lost in there. They are also said to be the granter of blessings to unborn children. But no matter how friendly and docile they are, one shouldn't upset them. Instead of a blessing, they tend to curse the child, condemning them to a life of bad luck and misery.
So, TL:DR; these creatures are the beginning of all lore surrounding 'imaginary' friends. And they are very much real. I for sure wish they weren't.
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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Oh!!! Love it!!! Great article!

Ariel Bouvier

Ariel Bouvier Great article! Also, a fun fact: Zanna means fang in Italian!

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm *squeaks excitedly* I always love learning about new monsters!

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