The Gifts || Vol 4
Good afternoon, my fellow readers of The Nexus !!! Welcome to the fourth article of " The Gifts " ! I'm Theo and together we are going to explore our very own users to see who has the mysterious statuses on site. You will be able to learn everything about their attitudes to their skills! Today we will have the beautiful Joelle Zakos and her status as a Sphinx!

- From : Joelle Zakos



Good afternoon, my fellow readers of The Nexus !!! Welcome to the fourth article of " The Gifts " ! I'm Theo and together we are going to explore our very own users to see who has the mysterious statuses on site. You will be able to learn everything about their attitudes to their skills! Today we will have the beautiful Joelle Zakos and her status as a Sphinx!


1. So Joelle, I am very happy I have managed to track you down in your free time! What exactly is a Sphinx? I'm sure it's not the thing from Ancient Egypt right?


~ I’m more than happy to help, Teddy. Of course, you’re going to owe me big after this so brace yourself :P. A Sphinx is a Supernatural being with the body of a lion, the wings of a large bird, and the head of whoever is the one shifting into Sphinx form. They are known for their golden feathers, cat-like teeth, claws, and ability to heal in the sun. Their origin is unknown as they appear in both Egyptian and Greek mythology.


The Sphinx is an extremely rare Supernatural species, in fact, I’ve only met one other Sphinx in my life. They rarely gain the attention of Hunters as they are a very nonviolent species, with the exception of when they are protecting something or someone. So how did I become a Sphinx if they’re so rare and I wasn’t born one? When I was eighteen I was tracked by a group of Hunters. Not the type of Hunter that hunts with the goal of protection, but the type of hunter that hunts for sport. I was only a teenager and hadn’t fully mastered the ability to control my Nephilim powers yet, it made me susceptible to detection. In their hunt to track me down, my aunt, the woman who raised me, was hurt.


I had heard rumors that a Supernatural being called the Sphinx had the power to heal with the rays of the sun. I tracked one down and made a deal… I took the curse of the Sphinx and in exchange, my aunt lived. I call it a curse because of how the meaning of “debt” changed after receiving it. The perks and powers of being a Sphinx all came with negative consequences. To owe someone something is to be indebted to them in a way that means I’m forced to guard the most valuable thing to them until the higher powers declare my debt paid. But I mean… Even with the negatives… I’m pretty badass. I could totally kick your ass, Teds ;).

So the lady thinks she can kick my ass - she's too busy staring at it - right Joelle? Swiftly moving on ;) - Theo
But you love it, Teddy ;) - Jojo

2. 2- Okay, I get it - don't piss off a Sphinx. Have you ever had to use your powers in a fight or flight situation?

~ I wish I could say no… But unfortunately, I’ve had to use my powers in situations like these multiple times. But first… what are the powers of a Sphinx? The first is the most obvious, the ability to shapeshift between human and Sphinx form. I can also fly, use harenkinesis, sprint up to 45 mph, lift up to 700 lbs, and use solar regeneration. I also possess the “gifts” of immortality and true sight.


When I was eight months pregnant with Lucas, a shapeshifter followed me out of a shopping center and attacked me. Several months later, my ex-husband accidentally led a group of Vampires home to our house after a hunt and I had to use my powers for that as well. But powers like that aren’t just used in fights. Trust me, they come in very handy in other situations too :P.

Got it... attractive and powerful!  -Theo

Don't test me XD - Jojo

3. What's the funniest thing you've ever done with your powers?

~ After regenerating in the sunlight, I glow for a bit like one of those yellow glow sticks. Where you crack the stick and then the chemicals inside mix and it lights up? You probably know what I’m talking about. But my kids think it’s the funniest thing ever when I walk around in the dark all lit up. I may have also flashed my Sphinx eyes at a human one time in order to get him to give me the closer parking spot at the supermarket. Hypothetically… if this really did happen… I could blame it on the hormones of being pregnant with twins at the time.

That's it blame the kids...You've seen it here first folks! - Theo

Nothing can be proven XD - Jojo

4. A Sphinx is also a cat- what would happen if I gave you a cat bowl full of milk?

~ You’d probably get an eyeroll or two and then, of course, my famous lecture about how standard cows milk has more lactose and casein than most adult mammals can digest. Meaning that most adult cats have some degree of lactose intolerance. So… when you think you’re making your adult cat happy by giving it a bowl of milk there’s actually a very high probability that you're giving him or her severe stomach cramping. Just a fun fact.


Kitty want milk? - Theo
^My response to that above comment, Teds^ - Jojo

5. A Sphinx is a rare guardian, a protector.... who would you protect and why?

~ By choice? Not because I owe anyone anything? Definitely my kids. I’m really relaxed about most things seeing how they’ve inherited immortality from me (So how bad can I really screw up? XD), but when it comes to someone bothering my child or trying to hurt them… I basically turn into a really angry mama lion. I think you can imagine how scary that can be.

Ooooh protective! - Theo
Not my daughter you- oops... wrong fandom - Jojo

6. One last random question: who do you prefer- Teddy or Ches?

~Hmm… Interesting question, Teds. Chesy totally has the better beanie collection… just saying... and I know him a lot better. But there’s only one way to find out for sure, Teds…. Grow a pair and kiss me already ;P.

Grow a pair you say? How's about one better and we go on a date? - Theo
;) -Jojo


Stay tuned for next week, who knows who shall appear on my couch for a little interview! Massive thanks to the crazy lady Joelle for your time! You star!

That's all for this week folks!







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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte KISS THE GIRL THEO. This was hilarious I loved it! And damn right I have the better beanie collection.

Nola Addams

Nola Addams YES FINALLY GO ON A DATE, KISS GO DO IT! Amazing article again theo x

Theodore Rickhart

Theodore Rickhart Hahahah this is brilliant! You know what they say Jo - I love a challenge ;)

Ulric McCarthy

Ulric McCarthy Loved this Interview well done to you both. It was a great and funny read. Also, I learned a thing or two. Keep them coming. ♥

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful interview! it was certainly enjoyable to read <3

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