Behind the Brain || 001
Always wanted to see the person behind their colour, sweet talking and great looks? Behind the Brain will take you on a journey to learn more crazy things about your favourite persons. Victim #1: Neena Addams

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Written by
Morrigan Marvelles
Welcome lovely readers to the first edition of Behind the brain. Where we are going to stalk find out more about the brain behind the character. Today we start of with someone special my very own boss and leader of SoMe! Welcome Neena Addams and please take a seat.

Thank you. I am honoured to be the first one to be present in Behind the Brain. I hope you will like what is inside my brain and might learn a little more about who I actually am, beside the scary dhampir.

So you know me this is not going to be a normal interview right? Okay great. So first of all we have heard that you got this job almost a week ago? How does it feel to be a mango? And what was your job before this?

It is still weird to be a mango. Everytime I log, I still kinda expect my name to be lime, as I was the Instructor of the Art of Subterfuge, the job my older brother Nick Addams took over. But I am really excited to be the new Chief and I hope that together with the Techies, I hope we can make a change.

Okay great to know, I wish you all the luck because you are going to need it when you work with this crazy person. Do you have some great ideas and secrets about what you are going to do on social media now you got the lead on it?

Well, I can tell you that we will go back to the basics first and that we will slowly build it up. But I hope to be able to most something multiple times a week and I might be working on a secret competition but don’t tell the others yet.

Wow i can't wait! Behind the brain is not only for questions like these yes normal questions time is over! . Do you have a hidden talent that nobody knows and how did you learn it?

Oh, well… Maybe… I do have a dancing talent, at least I can dance the ancient ballroom dances pretty easily and I have never been taught how to dance. And maybe another hidden talent is to annoy my brothers and sister-in-law, something I just love doing!

Amazing! Is bazzeld about it. Mesmerized and such things. Okay next question. If you could be any position what would it be for a day. I know there is no polite answer possible but if you could choose anything what would it be?

Any position on this site? Well, that is pretty easy. I would want to be a Primordial. Not for the job, but just to understand the power Chester constantly feels. Maybe that might make me understand him better as a person too, because even though we’re dating, he still has his mysterious sides.

I wish i could be a berrie but wait nevermind Okay next question, if you would be all alone in your house. What is the first thing you will get out of the fridge and what would you wear? people dancing in socks and such crazy things

Well, I’d probably get my favourite juice out and spike it with a little blood, I am a dhampir after all. With a glass of that juice I’d probably take a shower and forget that it’s slippery, so I end up falling on my butt. Yes folks, this really happened and I am sure this will happen again I just love taking a long shower or bath.

So what is the difference between Neena and you ooc? And what do you have in comment with her? And what do you like the most about Neena.

The biggest different is the race, as I am obviously not a dhampir. I also don’t have older brothers, though I do have a younger brother and he can annoy me just as much as Nick and Niall can annoy Neena. What we have in common is that we are both very insecure. Neena got this way when she turned into a dhampir and is looking for her place in live. In real life, I am on that same journey and sometimes being with Neena helps me figure out things about myself too.

Okay one last question you can choose between two things. If you would go to a private island who would you choose to take with you and what item. Or if you would win a big money price what would the first thing that you buy?

Well, I’m gonna answer that second one, as I actually did think about that one once. If I would earn a big money price I’d try and invest it to get more money. In the end, when I have more than enough, I want to donate half of it to a charity to help those in need. The other half I would keep for myself and buy amazing things for myself and my loved ones. I believe that money can’t make you happy, but small gifs can show appreciation and that can make you happy.

Well thank you for those beautiful funny and amazing answers. I hope you enjoyed it and for being here i have a little present *gives flowers and some chocolate* If you enjoyed this edition and if you are wondering who would be next it could be you. send a message to Morrigan Marvelles or Neena Addams with your name, and maybe you will be the next interviewer i invite!

Oh! Chocolate!!! Thank you for inviting me!
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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Eeeeee yes this was amazing well doneee and no no you don't wanna feel that power ;)

Neena Addams

Neena Addams I loved being you first victim! I wonder who will be next

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Wonderful one guys!

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles Whaaaaa it is on i cant believe it! Thank you so much for being my first victum

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