Intriguing Interviews: Vol. 5
A blog for when the questions get more and more unusual...

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Intriguing Interviews

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"A blog for when the questions get more and more unusual..."

Interviewee: Chester Almonte
Interviewer: Casey Ravenhearst


Hello and welcome back to another edition of Intriguing Interviews! For those of you who do not know, in these interviews we interview someone randomly with very random questions! Both the people we interview and the questions are produced from generators! So, for what you have all been waiting for… Today we will be interviewing Chester Almonte! Yes, the Primordial himself! Be sure to keep reading to see all the crazy questions and answers from the interview!

Q1: Would you rather not be able to use your hands or not be able to walk?

Chester: “Technically I could use my hands to walk ... but does this then defeat the question of being able to walk and what is the point of using your hands without walking or walking without using your hands ... gahh this is hard. Ok, ima say I would rather use my hands, I can teleport elsewhere anyway.”

Q2: What is the longest that you've gone without doing laundry?

Chester: “*Gulps* Oh god. I think it lasted just under a month. The pile got very high and rather smelly. Yeah remind me not to do that again, it reeked ... in every sense of the word.”

Q3: What's the longest you've gone without showering?

Chester: “Oh all the hygiene questions ... a week is the longest. I know disgusting right. I was too busy with Nexus work to even consider it. Don’t worry, I now shower every day or at most every other day. #smellynomore”

Q4: Have you ever been to the emergency room? If so please fill us in.

Chester: “Ah yes now before I rose to Primordial powers I was there rather a lot. Dhampirs have this thing against Vampires. I got on the wrong side of one and lets just say some of my organs may have well been on show. It was not a pleasant moment, but I got all patched up, literally.”

Q5: Would you rather go without junk food for a year or go without TV for a year?

Chester: “I don’t watch TV much to people’s dismay but junk food gets me through my days so definitely would rather go without TV.”

What an interesting interview! Keep an eye out to see more interviews just as interesting as this one! Not only that, but keep an eye out to see any other blog posts as well!

Reminder: A question generator is used to get these random questions.
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Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton Chester and his philosophical answers.... reminds me of someone else :')

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm I love these interviews, always a good laugh

Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery This has truly been an intriguing interview. Really awesome, great job! ♥

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