The Spotlight (July 2018)
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Casey Ravenhearst
Alois Midford and Viktor Storm
Hello and welcome back to yet another Minecraft lets play video monthly topic Spotlight article! I know I’m a bit late again with this one, but I was having a lot of fun with the crazy interviews, which you will see another come out next week ;)

Anyway, without further ado, the winner of July’s Spotlight is none other than the topic “They Met at the Library.”

The participants Alois Midford and Viktor Storm meet at the Nexus library. Alois was looking for something to do as she was a bit bored and Viktor, who was working, immediately asked Alois if she needed help finding anything. Viktor took Alois by surprise, which caused her to almost drop a book. Viktor immediately starts flirting after Alois told him she was looking for stuff to keep her mind off of, he somewhat shyly tells her that he could possibly help her out with that :O (He said it much more cuter so you’ll have to read the topic yourselves. It’s in the library :3 )

I think I may spot a new ship ;)

Alois takes Viktor up on his offer and eventually they end up heading off to go swimming. Who knows what happened after that. Perhaps we’ll find out in the interview portion!

Q1: How did you all come up with this topic idea?

Alois: “Well we had some plans for our characters relation and we needed to start somewhere so we decided to make a topic in the library as it seemed perfect for our characters.”

Viktor: “Alois and I came up with this topic just randomly, we wanted our characters to get to know each other and met for the first time. Since Viktor is on the quiet side and likes books we thought that a topic in the library was perfect!”

Q2: Do you plan to do any future topics together?

Alois: “We do plan to do a lot of topics in the future as Mason said we already are planning to do a new one pretty soon which should be a quite interesting one.”

Viktor: “I believe we have a lot of topics planned for the future, as you saw with the last post to the topic Viktor has dragged Alois off to the fitness center for a bit of swimming so you might want to keep your eyes out for that topic! “

Q3: What is your long-term goal for your guys’ characters general relation?

Alois: “The end goal would be a love interest for our characters, but it will take some time before that will happen. Let's say I think it will be some interesting and fun topics in the future for them.”

Viktor: “Now... I believe our long-term goal for our characters would be a love interest, we are taking our sweet time to get there but soon enough I'll have fully claimed Alois as mine.”

There you have it guys! Remember to keep your eyes out for future blog posts and to keep topicing so next time you could end up in the Spotlight!

~ Your Favorite Boysenbabe
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Isaiah Zelinsky

Isaiah Zelinsky Lovely article Casey! And great answers Viktor and Alois :P

Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste *gasps* Viktor, I am so proud XD

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm I was flirting? :O (I've been caught!) Awesome article!

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