Wine & Dine || With Oliver Hellsinger
Think fish is just that, fish? Or that eating fish stick is only for children? Think again, because we will show a new lovely way to make your own homemade fish sticks!

- From : Neena Addams


Welcome loves! My name is Neena Emily Addams and every other week I will suddenly show up at the place of someone in the Nexus and invite them for diner. Not just any diner, but we'll cook their favourite meals and talk about why it is important.

For this lovely English meal, I went to visit the new snowflake Oliver Hellsinger who showed me an amazing way to eat healthy fish!.
Luckily, Oliver had some time for me to walk me down to the kitchen and even cleared his plate to help me out. I am always looking for new ways to get the good stuff, so when I asked what his favourite meal was, his answer really got me thinking.

"My favorite meal is homemade fish sticks. My family has an old recipe we have used for a long time, actually I think with about three or four generations. It's always been amazing, and I even made it with the recipe, but I added a secret ingredient to it to make it taste better." I am not a fish-person, I mean I eat it, but really... However, these fish sticks sounded not that terrible, so I decided to give it a shot.

And I did not regret it! When I asked him for the recipe, he shared it with me so the two of us were able to work together while preparing the fish. "Fish sticks as a meal sounds childish and generic, but it's actually a really nice meal with some homemade french fries on the side. All you do to make them is cutting up about a pound of cod to where the fish itself is dippable, then batter it with some breading. I won't say what the ingredients are for the batter because it's a family secret. Then gently place all the battered fish into the frying oil. It takes about a minute or two to cook, then scoop it out with a holed spoon, gently shake it to get the excess grease out, then plop them on a plate." Oliver told me and really, it was! Even though I still don't know how he made the batter, it is definitly worth trying or Googling a good batter recipe, because when the fish was on my plate, it looked so damn good!

While eating the fish, after it cooled down a bit, I asked Oliver the most imporant question: "Why is this fish so special? You said it might sound childish, but it actually is really good. What makes it different?"

"What makes this simple recipe so special is that it was supposed to be passed down to all the females in my family, but since me and my older brother, Andrew, were the only children my parents ever had, my mother decided to pass down the recipe to me. I enjoyed cooking with her a lot, and she taught me so much. One of my favorite memories of making this recipe with her was when I was about 10 or 11 and just learning the recipe. I mixed the ingredients for the batter, but I accidentally spilled some lemon juice into it. It turned out really tart tasting, but we ate it anyways and laughed it off. The lemon juice was part of a different recipe, haha." Well, if that's not sweet, we might never see a sweet side from Mr. Hellsinger!
So even if Oliver might consider it childish and generic, I totally loved this fish! The only thing that annoys me is that I don't know the recipe of that delicious batter. OLIVER GET YOUR ASS TO MY OFFICE AND TELL ME!
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Oliver Hellsinger


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