10 reasons why...
Last week we showed you around the world of Mega Coven, but really, we aren't the only amazing ones. So if you ever feel in doubt whether or not you want to be a Hunter, continue reading this!

- From : Neena Addams

10 Reasons why:
The Hunters are freaking amazing and useful!

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Yours truly
Okay, I know. As a witch I totally shouldn't promote our lifelong rivals, but I am also madly in love with one so I kinda had to. And well, every faction is actually pretty amazing as I have discovered, so I want to show you all the good side about being a Hunter.

10 reasons why Hunters are freaking amazing:

1. As a Hunter you will receive your first weapons in your first year. Creepy or what? But I am sure I wouldn't have survived that!

2. Hunters are way more atlethic, because they need to stay in good physical shape. Which we don't mind at all! More eye-candy for the Nexus.

3. They are able to do some great tracking. Meaning, when you run away they will find you. But they can also find your missing dog if he ran away.

4. They can defend you! The Hunters are pretty skilled in combat and can defend those who need some help defending themselves.

5. They kill demons! Seriously! The best trait of all. They will literally kill your worst nightmares to protect the innocent. You gotta love them!

6. They can speak multiple languages. Not sure if they can speak a demon-tongue though. That would be even cooler. Yet this is a skill they can only master after enough practise.

7. You can hire them as assassins. Okay, we don't normally need that skill, but hey! It's useful to know some just in case.

8. You had a male faction leader for a long time. Okay, I know Laken isn't exactly male, but before her it had been Ulric, Daan and Logan, all men! Meanwhile the other factions have a female for ages.

9. You have been in the lead with Faction Points for years. Three times in a row you have won the Faction points and it seems like this year might be number 4.

10. You have the Primordial in your faction! And really, the Hunters are the only ones that can say that. We only have one beloved Primordial and I don't think he'll make a change soon.
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Laken Ryder

Laken Ryder Hunters are amazing, if I do say so myself ;) <3

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Aaaaayye!!! *eats an apple and grins*

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