Wine & Dine | with James Olive
What is a better way to get to know someone that cooking their favourite dish together? In this blog I, Neena Addams, will take you with me when I visit people from the Nexus and make their favourite meal.

- From : Neena Addams


Welcome loves! My name is Neena Emily Addams and every other week I will suddenly show up at the place of someone in the Nexus and invite them for diner. Not just any diner, but we'll cook their favourite meals and talk about why it is important.

Settle down for a nice meal and some interesting things I discovered about our first diner guest: James Olive.
I walked over to his appartment and knocked on the door. It was diner time and I was quite hungry. Luckily, James was quick to answer the door and let me in. "Didn't expect to see you this early," he told me as I told him that I was just very early.

The two of us went to the kitchen, where James had already prepared everything we needed to cook is favourite meal. Ofcourse I couldn't help but asking: "So, we're making your favourite meal. What are we making and why is this your favourite?".
As James starts to prepare his favourite dish, he also explained to me what we were making. "Well my favorite food is something I made myself was when I was completely crazy. I love 'Chicken and Chips'. It nothing like a chicken nugget. It is much better and tastier. So the name is 'Chicken with Dorito's Jacket'." This already sounded really really tasty, but that was only the meal itself.

"Okay, so it's chicken, but different. How do we make this Chicken with Dorito's Jacket?" I asked him, because it sounded really delicious but I had no idea how to prepare something like that.
"It is very easy. All you need is one beaten egg, 100 gram of flour 1 small bag of any Dorito's flavor and 350 gram of chicken filet.
1. You beat the egg with a fork and put it in a deep plate. The flower in a deep plate and crumb the chips!
2. Cut the chicken into bite sizes, coat them with the flower the egg and the chips and for a better coat do it again.
3. If all the chicken bites are coated put them for 20 minuten in middle of the oven at 200 degrees Celcius (or 350 degrees Fahrenheit). After that they're crispy and brown. Let them cool down and you can eat them cold and warm!"

To be honest it was hard waiting these 20 minutes and see the chicken get all nice and golden brown, but once it was out and the chicken had the right temperature to eat, I couldn't wait to dig in! While eating this absolutely wonderful dish, I couldn't help but ask: "What makes this chicken so special? What memories do you have with it?".
He looked up from his chicken and smiled. "Well this chicken in a jacket is invented by myself. OOC I have my own cookbook and I wanted to combine my 2 favorite things I eat the most. When I first tried it, it was a sunny golden hour day. I was very happy when it worked out and since the book came out people send messages that they loved the dish. That is why I made this one my favorite dish so far." As he spoke my heart melted. This dish really desevered all the love and stars that one dish can get.
I can honestly say that I give this Chicken with Dorito's Jacket a five star grading! It tastes wonderful and indeed tastes nothing like chicken nuggets. A nice meal for everyone that loves chicken as much as James and I do.
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Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood This sounds delicious! *is hungry now* xD but wonderful article <3

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Omg this sounds epic

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles AMAZING BUT HE STOLE MY idea :O

Remy Marvelles

Remy Marvelles I love doritos! This sounds so delicious o.o Ugh, now I'm hungry... Loved the article tho! Great way to get to know someone! ^^

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