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Welcome back to "Nexus Fashion" this week we are featuring Jason Moretti, an instructor right here at The Nexus.

- From : Joelle Zakos


Welcome back to "Nexus Fashion" this week we are featuring Jason Moretti, an instructor right here at The Nexus.

Jason is known for his unique fashion sense, bright hair colors, and charismatic personality. Along with his hard work as a Nexus instructor.

We decided to spend a week getting to know Jason's fashion/style a little bit better. We were not disappointed and you won't be either!

The first outfit we spotted Jason in was this floral button-down, black jeans, and shades. We love how confident he looks in this picture!

Florals are quite the trend here at the Nexus recently, and so are black pants. Did Jason start this trend or is he just a part of it?

Another outfit we saw from Jason this week was this stylish pink jacket paired with a baseball cap and black jeans. Jason likes to find clothing staples that fit his personality.

So how do you do the same? How do you find something unique, that you feel comfortable in? We're about to help you find your new look...

The next time you go shopping, find a clothing item that makes you smile, but something that is unlike what you'd usually wear. Maybe it's a floral headband (we see you Sam), or a brightly colored sweatshirt, or even a pair of platform Crocs (this is not a drill, I saw them in the store the other day). Whatever it may be, make it a little out of your comfort area, but not sooo far out of your comfort area that you'll never have the guts to wear it. Now here's the tricky part, actually wearing it.

Pair it with clothes that you're comfortable in. it will help make the transition smoother. Then, when you wear it, remember the reason it made you smile in the store. Sometimes wearing something that's uniquely you, can give you a boost of confidence and will allow you to further expand out of your comfort area.

Still need help finding your personal style? Check out this style quiz: 

That's all for today! Join us next week for the next edition of "Nexus Fashion". Want to be featured? Send a mail to Joelle Zakos or Theodore Rickhart with your face claim and 3 facts about your character's fashion and personality.

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Jason Moretti

Jason Moretti Wahaha a great issue! And I do have to say... I do look stylish in those photos :o It was a lovely read! <3 And Ches... you should take some tips, old man ;)

Ulric McCarthy

Ulric McCarthy Amazing read, I really enjoyed reading this. Can't wait to see what's next. ♥

Neena Addams

Neena Addams Love this!

Eclipse Hunt

Eclipse Hunt Woahhhhh...that looks amazing!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Hmmm maybe I will take tips from Jason...

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful blog! <3

Emma Knight

Emma Knight Great job Jo and Jason

Exorcised User

Exorcised User Wonderful blog Joelle! :3

Echo Maddix

Echo Maddix Love it!

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson This all looks amazing!

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