Graduate Staff Interviews: Joelle Tryggvason (ME!)
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Graduate Staff Interviews

Joelle Tryggvason (ME!) - Social Media Head
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  1. FULL NAME - Joelle Tryggvason (nee Zakos)
  2. CAREER/ROLE - Social Media Head
  3. FACTION - Proud Nephilim!!!
  4. CURRENT AGE - 22
  5. STATUS/ES - Sphinx
  6. HOMETOWN - Seattle, Washington --- I grew up with my Aunt Melissa, moving between trailer parks.
  8. SIGNIFICANT OTHER/S - Acheron Tryggvason
    Biological: Lucas Duncan Tryggvason & TWINS on the way (SURPRISE!)
    Stepson: Skye Drakari
  10. WHY IS THE NEXUS IMPORTANT TO YOU? - I had been traveling cross-country for years, trying to find a place where a Sphinx/Nephilim would be safe. I found my home here at the Nexus.
  11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AT THE NEXUS? -Does my office count as an answer because I camp out in there often enough... This might be another weird answer, but I kinda love the garage tunnels. They're a great place to fly around and echoing voices are fun.
  12. QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? - "I want people to be afraid of how much they love me" -Michael, The Office
  13. ANY ADVICE FOR INCOMING WOS MEMBERS? -Get comfortable. Don't be afraid to speak up in chat or in topics, we want to hear your voice! Be outgoing and silly and have fun! This is your new home, make yourself comfortable!

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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte WAHOOOOO. You go JoJo!! and yes grab a seat, bag o'blood and get comfortable. WoS is so much fun and The Nexus is great to be a part of!

Alexandre Greniér

Alexandre Greniér AWESOME! I

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