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What do you know about instructors Everson Wagner or Jacqueline Hartley? Want to find out more? Do you know how to apply to become an instructor? Check out this blog post to find out more...

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Joelle Tryggvason Featuring: Jacqueline Hartley and Everson Wagner
Hey everyone,
Today I took the time to interview two of our very lovely instructors, Jacqueline Hartley and Everson Wagner. Both Jacqueline and Everson are new to their jobs and were fantastic enough to take a few mintues out of their day to tell us a bit about themselves, a bit about the instructor position here on WoS, and a bit about how to become an instructor yourself if you're interested. Enjoy!
Interview with: Everson Wagner

Joelle: Everson! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Our readers would love to hear more about you and your job here at the Nexus! Tell me, is Everson your prefered name or do you have a nickname? Also, why don't you let all our readers know what subject you're instructing and why you selected that job to apply for?

Everson: Everson is completely fine with me, I have many names from many other people such as Ray calls me Composer and Izobele calls me Eberson. But! The subject I am instructing would be U.S. Geography, I personally don't think that my subject gets the love it deserves so I am instructing it because I want to show the others that even though the name might seem boring... there is a lot of fun and useful information to gather from it.

Joelle: I think that Everson is a great name and as for U.S Geography, personally I find it very interesting. It's essential for hunters especially to know the geography of the United States, you never know when you'll have to go to a place you've never heard of before on a hunt. With two new teaching positions just opening, perhaps some of our readers would be interested in learning how to apply. How did you go about applying for the instructor position and what would you advise our readers to consider while applying?

Everson: I'm glad that you think my subject is interesting, it is very important and I swear it has saved my life sometimes on hunts! If people are interested in applying for the two Instructor spots I think they should do it! Being an Instructor is a lot of fun, but, to actually apply you, of course, need to fill out the application and send it to Allison and Chester I would advise people to consider a couple things.
One - There are going to be other people that apply (if the subject interests them) if you don't get the job don't give up! Just keep trying!
Two - You are going to be working with the students of the Nexus and the other Instructors, make sure you are comfortable with working with others

Joelle: Great advice, Everson! Thank you so much for participating in this interview today. Any parting words for our readers?

Everson: Hmm parting words... Stay awesome and keep being yourself!
Interview with: Jacqueline Hartley

Joelle: Hello Jacqueline! Thank you for letting me interview you! Is Jacqueline okay, or do you have a prefered nickname? Would you mind telling everyone your full name, what subject you're instructing here at the Nexus, and why you applied to teach that subject?

Jacqueline: Jacqueline is fine though you can call me jac or Jacque too. I'm Jacqueline Cosette Hartley with Cosette being quite fitting for me as it can mean little thing and I can be seen as a bit tiny. I'm the instructor of the amazing subject called Fitness and Nutrition and I decided to apply to become the instructor because I saw it as the perfect subject for me. I love the fitness center and all the different kinds of activities you can do there as well as I make sure to eat healthy and right :D

Joelle: I love nicknames, so I have a feeling I'm going to be calling you Jac quite often. Pretty much everyone calls me Jo. Fitness and Nutrition sounds like a really interesting subject. Do you have any fun facts about it that you can offer our readers? Also, some of our readers might be considering applying to become a teacher. Do you mind explaining the emotional process of feelings you went through while applying?

Jacqueline:Yeah, so for I guess an interesting fact that some might not know is that your body produces something that makes you happy when you exercise which is a part of the subject as you might know from the name xD And if you mix it up with the right nutrition you can change your whole life to something you might not have thought could be possible ;)
Applying to become a teacher is really exciting, but nerve-racking at the same time. It can be somewhat hard, but it's important to believe in your self and share a bit of yourself maybe some of your personality in your lesson. Never give up though because either way how it goes you most likely will get another chance sooner or later and then you can really show them what you can do with that class ;)

Joelle: I guess I should probably start excercising at some point if I have that much to gain from it. For all your students who might not know you that well yet, could you share some fun facts about yourself?

Jacqueline:Yeah, So I'm not super tiny, but I'm smaller than most people just as my name says xD, but anyway it wouldn't be TO noticeable, but then I'm dating a really tall guy ..... So, I can seem extremely small when I with my boyfriend. I'm quite the bubbly person, but I can be tougher then I look. Ohh and I guess you can say I have an unhealthy love for animals and especially kittens.

Joelle: Aww, I love animals too and cats are one of my favorites. Being a Sphinx, I've always felt close to felines. Thank you so much for letting me find out more about you today, Jacqueline!

Jacqueline:No problem it was a pleasure. Thank you for the lovely interview and good luck and have a nice day.
Instructor Positions Currently Hiring:
(WoS is currently accepting applications for "Cooking/Home Economics" and "Demonology" --- Below you can find a sample application and instructions on how to apply)

Application and Requirements:


◦ You must be at least 15 years old IRL
◦ You must be an active member of World of Supernaturals
◦ You must be willing to spend time on your lessons to ensure they are of good quality
◦ You must have a backstory of at least 50 words
◦ You must be able to handle any pressure/conflict smoothly and work well as part of a team
◦ If successful, you must be willing to leave any jobs currently held on WoS (You are only permitted one graduated job across WoS and if you have a student job, you must be willing to leave that)


◦ Username (First and Last)
◦ Username/s of any extra users on WoS
◦ Username/s of any users across WoX (Examples - WoA, WoO, WoMF, WoN, WoG, WoW etc)
◦ IRL age
◦ Tell us a bit about yourself - Include the following:
▪ What can you bring to the team?
▪ Why should you be hired?
▪ Include any fun facts; hobbies etc.
◦ Two sample lessons with a minimum of 200 words each
◦ A Course overview for Cooking or Demonology
For this please just state which topic you will be covering for each year. e.g. Year 1 - Basics, Year 2 - Tips and tricks and so on.

Please mail your application to Chester Almonte AND Allison Brooks with the subject “Cooking Application” or "Demonology Application.

Applications close Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 12pm GMT
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