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Who is this?

Dean Winchester
General Information
Real Name
Dean Winchester
Michael Sword Righteous Man
Soldier of Heaven
Dean Smith
Squirrel, Not Moose
Knight of Hell(formerly)
Jefferson Starship(formerly)
January 24th, 1997
Dark Brown
Unusual Features
Formerly had a hand shaped burn scar from when Castiel pulled him from Hell, this has since then disappeared.
"Driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cake hole!"
— Dean Winchester to Sam


Dean is a 6'1 male and has short cropped hair with bright green eyes and a olive skin tone. He is a lean kind of muscle and keeps himself in good shape. Dean is first seen on the show always wearing his fathers jacket, and a necklace Sam gave him for his birthday. Later on in the show Dean stops wearing the jacket and throws away the necklace after Castiel claims that it is "useless". Sam got this necklace from Bobby Singer before he gave it to Dean and personally I don't know why you would throw it away at a simple "useless" comment, I myself would keep it forever!
Not too long but later on in the show Mr. Winchester got a tattoo of a pentagram(anti possesion) as a ward against demononic possesion.
Our adorable Dean-O briefly wears shorts when he pretended to be a gym teacher on one of the jobs he takes with Sam, unfortunately we don't get to see him wearing those more often. Unfortunate as he did look fantastic in those shorts...perhaps we'll see them again soon
In one of the episodes, titled "Let the Good Times Roll" Dean gains himself a pair of angel wings due to being Michaels ultimate/true vessel! How cool is that? It is unknown however as to whether or not he still has these wings. Not gonna lie though, I'd be perfectly happy with him keeping the wings ;)

Dean is funny, mischievous, understanding of situations, immature at times. Strange obssesion with appple pie and classic rock like ACDC. Avoids love for the most part. Extremely protective of family/loved ones. Terrified of flying. Likes classic movies, has horrible eatng habits. Ruthless and agressive when he is hunting. determined, laid back, kinda lazy.
Seriously he sounds like the perfect friend to hang out with on lazy nights. Just sit down to watch a classic old movie with pie and good music playing in the background, who wouldn't want a night like that?

clovvo-font I hope you enjoyed this and if you want further information on Dean please click the "SPN Wiki" link down below!It will take you right to the supernatural wiki page on Dean Winchester!
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Laurie Mars

Laurie Mars great article! I have not watched at all the seasons yet, so I learned a lot in your article^^ thank you!

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Theodore Rickhart I love this!! Great job! <3

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Chester Almonte Omg I love this! Thanks for all this information! You did a fabulous job, Mila *hearts* Keep up the awesome work!

Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos Fantastic job on this Mila. I'm so proud to have you on my team <3

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