Behind the Brain || 006
We all know the lovely Sphinx that helps our Primordial rule over the Nexus. We love her and we know quite few things, but really. Who is Joelle Zakos?

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Dearest readers Welcome back everyone to your 6 edition of Behind the Brain. This week we have a very special someone joining us! Welcome Joelle Zakos Welcome Joelle please take a seat! For those who dont know you, tell us something about you, who you are and what you do! puts pizza and Sparkling Lemonade on the table

Hello Morrigan, thanks for having me. It's been a while since I've done an interview. Hopefully I don't say anything embarrassing. Ooh! Sparkling lemonade and pizza! I can tell you've been doing some research into my favorites. So Morri, tell me what you want to know.

We all know you as this amazing person, but i was wondering why do you got the nickname Grumpasaurus, SO tell us more about that because it sounds very interesting

I'm not sure anyone calls me Grumpasaurus but myself. I mean, if you can't make fun of yourself... what's the point. I call myself Grumpasaurus because I usually feel like I'm in a grumpy mood and I love dinosaurs. Chester helped me come up with the name actually. I wish there was a more interesting reason behind the creation of the nickname, but that's about it.

WOW never knew that was something But good to know, if i ever find a gift with Dinosaurs on it you are the first one to get it!, well next question. How are things between you and Theodore Rickhart. Last time you showed that you moved around!

Thing between Teddy and I are pretty great. I'm pretty much completely crazy about him. He has this way of making me laugh in pretty much any possible situation. We don't take life too seriously when we're together and I love that. We did move in together this past October, which was obviously a really big step for both of us. I know, however, that it was the right step. There has been some talk about babies recently, but unfortunately we hand't had much success. I struggle with fertility and another child just might not be in the cards for us. However, we have a beautiful family just the way it is and I love that handsome man to bits.

Okay, okay, Love is in the air, hope it well happen soon, but maybe time for a vacation is a good idea! Great now the biggest question of them all what is a guilty pleasure of you, and how did that become your guilty pleasure? We had some weird stuff already so i wont be frightend that easy

My guilty pleasure... Hmmm.... I'm not sure that I have one that's actually appropriate to share with the public. I must confess that the television show, "Passion in Paradise", is kind of my kryptonite. When I first moved to Kansas, I would spend hours up binging that show and eating chocolate with my roommate Allison. It reminds me of her and the amazing times we had together, and also... I just really like the drama

Hahahaha, well that is a nice on, mine is still dancing in my socks but only socks and a mic. Okay so We all know Joelle a bit ic. But what is a big difference between you and Joelle OOC? what do you have in common, and what is something that you wish you could do different with her ic?

Ooh this is a great question. Honestly, Joelle and I have a lot in common. I tend to make my characters clones of myself. We'd both choose jeans over a dress any day, we both are not-so-secretly hopeless romantics, we are both very overprotective, and we both can be a little over emotional. I think in terms of differences, Jo is a little more of a tomboy than me and she's a lot more outgoing. I'm the quieter, more introverted, less courageous, more girly version of Joelle. I wouldn't change a thing about who Jo is and what she's been through, because I feel like those stories are what have turned her into who she is today. I'm just really happy with what her life looks like right now. She's very very lucky. I mean, for example, can someone please just find me an irl man like Teddy? XD

Okay last question! I always have a this or that question at the end and for you it is " No more Pizza or no more Sparkling Lemonade?'' Thank you for coming to this interview i know you are very busy as well . It was so much fun to have you! This was edition 6 of behind the brain, see you next time! BYEEEEEEEEE

You do know my favorites, don't you? I would say sparkling lemonade. After all, there's always champagne.

Just a spy that is all :P
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Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste What an amazing read!

Zillah Marvelles

Zillah Marvelles This was such a great read! Good work!

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles awesome it was so much fun to do it <3

Sylvar Ventoris

Sylvar Ventoris This was such a wonderful read! I loved it.

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Nice!

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