The Gifts - Vol. 5
Hello, my name is Theo, Teddy or Royal Pain in the Backside, as Chester likes to call me. Welcome back to another edition of The Gifts whereby I interview specific members of The Nexus community and find out all about the special (and sometimes spooky) supernatural powers they have.

- From : Chester Almonte



Good afternoon, my fellow readers of The Nexus !!! Welcome to the fourth article of " The Gifts " ! I'm Theo and together we are going to explore our very own users to see who has the mysterious statuses on site. You will be able to learn everything about their attitudes to their skills! Today we will have the kick ass Eliza Mavros and her status as a Phoenix!


1. So a Phoenix huh? What exactly do they do?


~ Sometimes we like to keep out most the details, and because if everyone knew, I'm pretty sure there would be alot less of us. Basically, we're pretty immortal, invulnerable to most things, pretty strong and have the great fun of controlling fire. Oh wait... Anddddd, we have a Pheonix form but shhhhh...

Ooooh a flaming bird ;)


2. Right okay, So if I was to throw say a gallon of water over you , would you lose your flames? ;)

No, I have no idea. Anyway. No, don't do that. For a start, I hate being wet... Blurghhhhhh! It's cold and wet and nope.



Ice bucket Challenge anyone?

3. Tell us all about a time when you have had to use your phoenixy ways? Did you kick ass or was it just revenge?

~ I'm always kickass! Rude for you to think otherwise!! My brother took me on a mercenary mission after he disintegrated our mother but I'm still not the greatest learner.

Back to the books for you young Mavros!

4. Do you use your powers in everyday situations or just when Dastan pisses you off?

~ That's fun... Annoying Dastan is the best thing to do everyday... And he has this jacket that he loves but it is ugly as hell!


Maybe Chester and Dastan should burn the beanie and jacket together? Mutual Bonding?

5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

~ Now that alllll depends on what you wanna know..


6. One last random question: Who do you think would win in a fight? A Dhamphir or a Phoenix and why?

~ If it was a fight between Chestnut and Dassy, I would hate to even watch that one... Whereas, if I went against Chessybean, I would win because I'm adorables ;)

Adorable is not a word i'd use dear!


Stay tuned for next week, who know's who shall appear on my couch for a little interview! Massive thanks to the Head of Mega Coven for your time! You star!

That's all for this week folks!







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Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful interview! <3

Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos Great blog post, Teds. You are the very best!

Dastan Mavros

Dastan Mavros But dear Chester remember our last duel and how that ended? *adds bucket of water on every door in Lizas apartment*

Eliza Mavros

Eliza Mavros I AM THOUGH! And I am NOT doing that ice bucket challenge... Nope... Never... *Shudders*

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte You are NOT adorbs, and I would totes win.

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