The Gifts - Vol. 5
Hello, my name is Theo, Teddy or Royal Pain in the Backside, as Chester likes to call me. Welcome back to another edition of The Gifts whereby I interview specific members of The Nexus community and find out all about the special (and sometimes spooky) supernatural powers they have.

- From : Chester Almonte

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Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful interview! <3

Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos Great blog post, Teds. You are the very best!

Dastan Mavros

Dastan Mavros But dear Chester remember our last duel and how that ended? *adds bucket of water on every door in Lizas apartment*

Exorcised User

Exorcised User I AM THOUGH! And I am NOT doing that ice bucket challenge... Nope... Never... *Shudders*

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte You are NOT adorbs, and I would totes win.

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