Christmas Countdown - Day 23
The last day of choosing a gift has come! In two days, Christmas is here! Stay tuned to see what gift everyone got!

- From : Neena Addams

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Rose Potter

Rose Potter Hi today is Christmas

Zoey Segreti

Zoey Segreti I'm so excited to spend Christmas with all of you guys; this has been an awesome year and I'm excited to see where next year takes us!

Imani Zivaik

Imani Zivaik Ahh how on earth have we sped through december this fast! Thank you so much for your hard work and genius, techies!! <3

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson You guys are the best! All of you ;) Hope everyone has a great end of the year, whatever you do or do not celebrate. Here's to joy!

Aurora Kelly

Aurora Kelly merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone on this site! I haven't been here long but I feel incredibly welcome so thank you!

Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan I just want to wish everyone a happy christmas! I'm so glad I'm here! <3

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