Would You Rather?
Would you rather questions that tie into the fandom and are rather hard to answer... After all, these aren't supposed to be easy

- From : Zahra Valentine

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Florence Knight

Florence Knight I would rather bring back Bobby, hunt with Sam and drive Chevy Impala.(because dean is not gonna let me drive his baby.)

Ben Drake

Ben Drake For me it would be bring back Bobby because he has a lot of knowledge about monsters and he can be a big help when it comes to getting info on certain lore, Hunt with Dean cause he's awesome, and drive a chevy impala cause that's my dream car.

Gideon McLaughlin

Gideon McLaughlin For me it has to be: Bring back John. Hunt with Dean and drive a Mustang, which I think Dean would take a bit of offense to, but we'll get through that, lol.

Kiara Sutton

Kiara Sutton Might be unpopular, but Bring back John, hunt with Dean and drive a Mustang 'cause that's my dream car

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