Intriguing Interviews: Vol. 8
Check out yet another very strange article by our fabulous, Casey. Please make sure to comment if you enjoyed reading it.

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Casey Ravenhearst Featuring:
Ariel Bouvier
Heyo, and welcome back to another Intriguing Interview! In this interview we are interviewing Ariel Bouvier with completely random questions! Please remember that all participants are selected randomly and interviewed with questions produced by a generator! Everything is random! Now, on to the crazy interview!

Q1: If you could live anywhere on earth, where would you live?

Ariel: “Hum, that's, uh, random. I think I'd like to live in Sicily, or maybe one of the Hawaii Islands. I just want somewhere with an active volcano, I've always been fascinated with volcanoes! Also, I just love the Hawaiian myths and gods, so it would be a beautiful place to live and learn about them.”

Q2: If you could choose any era to live in, what would it be?

Ariel: “ Honestly, I like this era. If I went back in time, I wouldn't have the advances we have now, right? And I have no way to know of the future is better than what we are living now. So, uh, this era?”

Q3: Are you smarter than your parents?

Ariel: “Where do you take these questions from again? ^^' Well... My mom is dead and my dad is possessed by a demon. So, in their current state, yes, I am smarter than them. But mom was really smart... So I wouldn't know. Dad was a jerk anyway. And he pissed of a super duper awesome witch aka me, so he's not as smart as I am!”


Q4: Do you like to sing out loud when no one else is around?

Ariel: “I like singing when I'm listening to music, or when the moment is fitting. I don't care if there's people around or not. But I don't guarantee being good at it…”

Q5: What is your least favorite part of your day?

Ariel: “The least favorite part of my day is when I have to wake up early. My mouth tastes horrible, I can't even eat, my head aches, and I'm generally miserable... Maybe I should stop going to bed super late because I was reading spellbooks? Nah, I'd be miserable at the other part of my day when I have to hunt a demon and don't remember a spell.”

Alrighty, that got weird! ALSO, don’t forget that next week the Spotlight Topic for September will be out, so keep an eye on your notifications!


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Aurora Beckett

Aurora Beckett Hmmmm very interesting!

Hossef Ackerman

Hossef Ackerman Interesting answers!

Eliza Mavros

Eliza Mavros Very interesting! Love it!

Everson Wagner

Everson Wagner Ahhh! I love these articles, they are always so weird and interesting

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