The Gifts || Vol 2
I'm Theo and together we are going to explore our very own users to see who has the mysterious statuses on site. You will be able to learn everything about their attitudes to their skills!

- From : Joelle Zakos



Good afternoon, my fellow readers of The Nexus !!! Welcome to the second article of " The Gifts " ! I'm Theo and together we are going to explore our very own users to see who has the mysterious statuses on site. You will be able to learn everything about their attitudes to their skills! Today we will have the lovely Allison Brooks and her status as a Natural Witch!


1. What is a Natural Witch ?


~ Well, a Natural Witch is a witch that is better than everyone else, such as myself. *tosses hair* No, I'm totally kidding. I am just as good as the rest of you. If anything, you're better than me! Anyway, a Natural Witch is a rare type of witch that can perform magical abilities that Borrower Witches and Student Witches cannot perform. The only difference between us, are a few spells.

2. When you have you used your powers for good or bad?
he extent of my magic always goes to good forces. I rarely use my magic for dark deeds. I would say 95% of my magic is used for teaching, everyday chores, and defeating any monsters, creatures, and whatever the hell might be out there. 3% goes to hiding hexes for my best friend, Joelle to find, (and lately Chester) and the other 2% goes to... other stuff.

Hmmm... I'd be interested to know what that "other stuff is Miss Brooks ;)

3. Does it come in handy for you?
~Absolutely it does! I honestly cannot imagine my life without magic. One of my biggest fears is finding myself without magic, or unable to use it. I sit back from time to time and ponder on how different my life would be without magic. In all honesty, I find it hard to believe that I would be alive without it. The people I have met through it and the way I've been able to use it to help so many others is astounding.

4. Do I wear a pointy hat and have a broom?
~ Well, you can definitely find me belting out "Defying Gravity" in a black pointy hat while holding a broom and standing on my desk from time to time. (Definitely not while I'm supposed to be doing paperwork)


Pictures or it didn't happen Allison!

5. Tell me the most coolest thing you have ever done with your witchy powers?
~ That is a really good question! I would have to say the coolest thing I've done is made a car go boom boom. Like, not just a small car. One of those really big old ones. I lit on fire because, why not? Once the fire started raging, I simply used my powers again to move it to the lake. I know that kinda sounds lame but I'm lame so that's the best I've got.
We don't think your lame Allison! You're cooler than Chestnut

6. Finally a random question- Chester or Theo?
~Well, if you're asking for looks, Theo. If this is a kiss, marry, kill scenario, I would say, well, that's not important is it?
I'd be interested to hear the answer to that too!!


Stay tuned for next week, who know's who shall appear on my couch for a little interview! Massive thanks to the lovely Allison Brooks for your time! You star!

That's all for this week folks!







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Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste This is so entertaining <3 nice job!

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful article! <3

Theodore Rickhart

Theodore Rickhart I'd also like to hear that answer ;)

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Gasp and what is that then Joelle ;)

Joelle Zakos

Joelle Zakos *coughs* Has an answer to that final question ;)

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte I have one word - OI. A great article Allison and Theo, you’ve done amazingly well.

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