Behind the Brain || 003
This week we will take a peek in the creative brain of Bree McKenna, a woman we all know as the amazing drawer on this site. I wonder what's going on in her brain.

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Written by:
Morrigan Marvelles
Welcome back lovely reader to the 3th edition of Behind the Brain. This week after a amazing interview with Chester Almonte we are going to peek in the brain of nobody else but Bree Mckenna welcome Bree take a seat! It is so great that you could join us.

Thank you so much for having me!

So, Bree Mckenna, it is so crazy to have an actual Artist in front of me. For those who don't know you, can you tell something about yourself and something we should really don't know about?

Something about myself huh? Well... if you can't tell I have an odd fasination with tattoos. I find them beautiful and absolutely a story to tell. And something you don't know about me? Oh geez... What don't people know... I grew up in a hunter household? Maybe a lot of people don't know that. I really am an open book. OH OH! OR That I dropped out the Nexus in my first year! Don't ask.

Okay wow, amazing. I was wondering how a day in the life of an artist looks like can you tell us something about that or is it that secret that you can't tell us anything?

A day in the life of an artist... Well.. I wake up, probably having slept in the office of someone else, I get ready and I head to the library. I like to do as much research as possible on items after all. Once I do that I head out on the town. Checking stores and diners to see if any new things have been added to the menu or to the store and if not..well... I put in my "suggestion" and they end up being there very soon after. Once night comes I work on other things like if a teacher approaches me or if someone of other color. And from the the party doesn't stop till I pass out once more and start the day again.

Great, that was interesting. So do you have any hidden talents we should know about? Because I've heard that you can read lips. Is that true?

I can read lips. Haha thats an odd fact and something I picked up many many years ago. I can also fanpois and I am learning how to do it...with fire. If you don't know what that is well..let me show you! ( Pretty cool right? I know it's strange but for sure an odd talent I have. And on a side note, I write comicbooks. :p

SO playing with fire is allowed :O I like the idea a great one! So one day you got this job how did that happen? Like did you painted Chester a beautiful portrait or a comic you made him a superhero? Superman with 100,000 beanies.

How I got this job. Thats a tough one. I was actually a grey. I came in to help the nexus and do what I needed to do with my job at the time. The person in charge however had to rush away and leave, leaving the spot open. Soon the big green came to me and asked if I could take over the team and help with the art that needed to be done. I of course agreed. But it could also be he wants me to draw him as a superhero with millions of beanies and the power of beanies. I don't know we will have to always ponder that one.

I was wondering how you are in OOC, do you have any difference between you and Bree, what do you have in common and what is something that you like about Bree that you cant do in OOC?

WELL HELLO IT IS THE PERSON BEHIND BREE TIME! Okay so some differences about me and Bree? Well.. Bree has a lot of my personality into her. She for sure has a nice twist and spin on it but she really is a great represenative of me. She DOES have more tattoos than me though, something I wish I could change. And far more confidence. She really can look in the mirror and see her own unique beauty, something I struggle with. She also doesn't care what others say, of course besides the one she loves his opinion matters grately, but other than that.. she is pretty well rounded and an easy character for me to play because of how I can just branch my own personality into her. OH something else we have in common? We are both DORKSSS.

Haha well, that is nice. Okay, so you are the last survivor on earth. What is the first thing you do when you know you are all alone?

Oh geez...first thing I do if I am all alone... entertainment. I am going to see the movies, I can figure out the projectors, I am going to find a means of travel both over sea and just around towns. I am going to explore the lands and find all I can about them. EAT. OMG foooodd. And find the best entertainment I can if I am by myself. And of course miss my loved one. Deeply.

Okay the last question for today, if you could choose between one million today. or 10,000 every week what would you choose and what would you spend it on.

10,000 every week. And here me out because I know that sounds crazy. I would spend a million given to me quickly. I would pretty much see it and thing "no limits" but.. thats not true. With 10,000 I am nothing special, I still need to think and use it wisely and all that jazz. And what I don't spend.. Saved for later. I will get to a million at some point. OH RIGHT FIRST ITEM. Hmmm.. Two plane tickets. I want to travel the world with my loved one to somewhere the both of us enjoy. And once there all the FOOD and Shopping!

OOkay, Bree thank you so much for the lovely answers. Gives some crafts as a thank you. Hope to see you soon again. So this was edition 3 of behind the brain. Do you want to be the next one to be an interview or do you have any tips for the next person? Don't hesitate to send an email to Morrigan Marvelles, or Neena Addams with the name of the person. See you next time byeeeeeeeee.
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Remy Marvelles

Remy Marvelles Great interview! Really loved it ^^

Bree McKenna

Bree McKenna me!~ thank you for the interview~

Timothy Thunderstruck

Timothy Thunderstruck Lovelllyyyy

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