The Spotlight (June 2018)
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Casey Ravenhearst
Dante Black and Soyeon Jeong
Hai, Hullo. This is a new series that I am excited to introduce! At the end of every month we will begin choosing an RP from the forums that we think deserves a spotlight! In each spotlight we will summarize the RP for you and interview those who have participated in it! Before we get started- I know this isn’t the end of June, but June wasn’t too long ago so we’ll be starting with that month!

Ok! SO, without further ado the winner for the June Spotlight will be ~ insert drumroll here~ Friend of a Friend! The participants, Dante Black and Soyeon Jeong, meet for the first time at a bar due to an upcoming hunt involving ghosts where Dante is hired to become a bodyguard. Both have a little too much alcohol to drink and end up getting along really well. Soyeon ended up being a bit of a lightweight, and the few drinks she had downed easily affected her. Due to her drunkenness, Dante quickly became the bodyguard she hired and wanted to make sure she got to the hotel safely, especially from the group of men who seemed to be eyeing the young girl. They got into Dante’s mustang and quickly arrived at the hotel, as for what happens after that… who knows? So, now we move on to the interview!

Q1: How did the idea for this topic come to you?

Dante: “Soyeon and I needed a way to introduce our characters. She is a witch from South Korea, while I'm a Hunter from Texas, so meeting by chance was unlikely. After we talked about it for a while, we decided to have our characters be introduced by a mutual friend and meet for a mission together since neither of us had a partner”

Soyeon: “Like Dante said, we discussed about and made a general plan. Though, we did originally plan to meet by chance, but since my character turned out to be from South Korea, well it would be weird that they just happen to meet in the same place so the alternative plan was made. I'm actually really glad we went with plan B since it was so much better and made better sense.”

Q2: Did the topic turn out how you wanted?

Dante: “I definitely think it did. We were able to meet up and introduce our characters (Both to each other and other characters on the site). In the process, it let us develop our characters and get a feel for their personalities.”

Soyeon: “I thought it did. It was a lot of fun to play out, though I did not expect our characters to flirt right off the bat (I can't flirt for crap yet surprised with myself since it just happened), but I am definitely not going to complain about it since it did work real well for the two characters; at least in my opinion it did.”

Q3: Do you have any major plans for your characters in the future that branch off of this topic?

Dante: “Yes we do. After we finished with this topic, we created another titled The Glen Tavern Inn that continued our ghost hunt mission and continued to partner up afterward. In addition to a love interest that had developed between the two, they're now in the process of hunting zombies in New Mexico. Beyond that, we don't have anything in particular planned for afterward. At least not yet.”

Soyeon: “We actually already made topics that did branch off of that one. So far we are working on another case after the ghost hunt. Sadly, we don't know what's going to happen afterwards since we haven't planned that far into the characters futures quite yet. As for the romantic interest, we are letting it happen naturally.”

And that is it folks! Keep your eyes peeled for July’s edition and get to topicing!
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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Great idea!!! And well written!

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks This is such a fun idea! I love this so much! <3

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Oooooo I like this! *Brushes up on topic skills*

Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery This is a great idea! Lovely article Casey! ♥

Sirena Howard

Sirena Howard This was nice done. Good job!

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