Would You Rather?
Questions that are generally hard to answer given to members of our staff! Read and enjoy!

- From : Zahra Valentine

I am so excited to bring to you the fourth installment of would you rather. Where I ask usually hard questions to, members of our staff and bring them to you for you to read and enjoy! I hope you are ready to see who my next victim I mean... uhh, erm... Our next person is, that is none other than the beautiful Head of Hunters Faction, Carmella Ashwood. Take a seat, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

Would you rather have a hunger for blood the rest of your life or transform at every full moon?
That..well.. is very difficult for me to pick between the two because I could see myself doing either or. I guess if I think about it I rather transform at every full moon, reason one being I already know what blood tastes like..Don’t ask and well reason two well... I could get to know you better possibly. *Blushes slightly* Okay so last reason who wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to transform during a full moon, to be honest I find it very interesting.

Oh, I uh... erm... *blushes a bit* it is a bit different and takes some getting used to I will admit that. Would you rather revive Charlie Bradbury or Jo Harvell?
You see that is a very simple decision for me to make, I rather revive Jo Harvell. Now you might be asking yourself why? The answer is simple, Jo was one of the strongest hunters and it would be pretty interesting to meet her or even better get to learn a few things from her.

I don't think I would of been able to choose, I loved both of them... Anywhoo, next question! Would you rather be a vessel for an angel or be possessed by a demon?
Hmm..well I think I rather be angel, now don’t get me wrong I think being a vessel would be quite interesting but I wouldn’t want to bear that burden. Now don’t even get me started on demons, that is something I wouldn’t want to be possessed by.

Honestly, same, I won't lie. Would you rather go to hell or go to purgatory?
I’d rather go to purgatory to be honest. Reason being at least you know that at the end of all your suffering; you will one day go to Heaven to be with your loved ones that are there instead of coming to suffer in that other place that I wish to not name.

... You may have a point there... Would you rather run into a Changeling or an Acheri?
You see those to beings/creature are terrifying but I guess if I had to pick which one to run into well it would have to be the Changeling. why you may ask? Well I just find them to be terrifyingly interesting and I have never came across one before. It would definitely be a life changing event and adventure.

These all were wonderful and amazing answers! I hope that you enjoyed reading them as much as I did! And I hope you cannot wait to see who I feature next ;)
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Louise Gold

Louise Gold that last pic was SCARY

Zillah Marvelles

Zillah Marvelles Such amazing answers!

Carmella Ashwood

Carmella Ashwood Thank you Zahra, had a great time answering those questions ❤️ Though the one with Charlie and Jo was difficult one for me to answer *loves them both as well*

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte AHHHH I love it amazing amazing answers.

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