Behind the Brain || 002
Ever wanted to know what was going on in someone's head? Well, the Techies were and we are giving you a nice look inside the brain of our staff. This week's victim: Chester Almonte

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Written by
Morrigan Marvelles
Welcome lovely reader to our 2nd edition of behind the brain. Where we get to know/stalk the person we interview! Today my second victim will be , Chester Almonte welcome Chester take a seat!

*Teleports to Renaissance times to get two fancy cushions and teleports back to sit down* ... What? Renaissance cushions are the best! Here. *throws cushion* See?

Well i can believe you, i have to otherwise you will eat me! I am so happy that we can peek in your brain today! Can you tell us something about yourself and something funny!

Who am I? I am the mystery and the enigma with a beanie on top! ... No? Fine fine! My name is Chestnut Almonds ... wait ... also not correct, damnit Eliza! Right, let's start this one again, eh? *coughs* My name is Chester David Almonte, I am the Primordial Dhampir of The Nexus. What does that mean? Well I oversee the goings of this facility with the help of my wonderous Director, Joelle and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Nuts, chest nuts, almonds :O Now i am hungry! Well you sound great, now we know where your name inspiration comes from! So i am wondering do you have any hidden talents whe should definitely know about?

Well I can drum very well. I love to make noise. I am still to master piano though, that one is eluding me somewhat. But I will continue trying. I can also travel to any time and place so I suppose that's cool. I took Neena on a first date to Pre-Revolution France. (Please don't kill me, Nick.) So I suppose the time travel is a talent too, or a nifty trick. Either one.

OMG Timetraveling, can you teach me that, i would go back to the time that i could meet Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley! I am so Jealous Jealous of your talents, can i be you for a day? Okay we had a special questions from a anonymous reader Neena Addams and that is How many crazy beanies do you have and how many can we burn?

Now now, my beanies are not crazy they are my way of life! And I own over 100,000 beanies. I'm still collecting. AND NONE OF THEM. My horcruxe- Uh ... My beanies are MINE!! NO BURNING!! #BeaniesForHorcruxes #BeanieDefenceSquad

*shoves a little back. Okay so Neena Addams there is your answer. Never toch a mans Beanies! Woman just wants to burn things! Next time buy them a candle or give a pen much safer! I have another question It never ends not on its own! So what is your weirdest dream so far? And what do you think it meant?

Funnily enough, I don't dream because I do not sleep so I am not sure I can answer that one. This DOES lead me to my common confusion about sleep and humans. HOW can you sleep like that? Like how do you stay still for so long you lazy bunch! Seriously, you could do so much but the human body decides nope I need to be lazy for 13 hrs at a time. And those pictures that you see in your minds ... how why what when where! WHAT. Its so confusing, how does your mind create that, why does it? And ugh, I can go on for ages about this.

Well humans do need to sleep, but i sleep only 5/6 hour during the day or night! Dreams are like movies a famous man ones quoted: ''Dreams are like moving pictures, a mind is weird'' I think our brain is much more smarter then you think! If you could choose between a car or a motorcycle what would it be and what kind of car or motorcycle?

Uh ... teleportation? No? Hmmm I like the motorcycle's speed BUT if the weather is bad then you're gunna get cold and soaked. So ... maybe not. I guess I would choose a car and I am not all for the flashy cars with the loud roars. I don't like to draw attention to myself in that way, most stare anyway - it's either they know who I am or my dreadful fashion sense ... either way. As for the type of car, I always like those little Minis. There's something so Quintessentially British about them that seeing them in Kansas would be a little odd but I do find them rather adorable.

I would drive a tank, just becaus well... they are a tank, anyone who has a tank, is awesome! Okay next question! still dreams about tanks What do you have in common with Chester ooc what are the difference between you and him and what is something you want to change about yourself or Chester?


Ooooo I like this question. A really deep question. Okay so I am not a Nigh-Omnipotent Dhampir, I guess that is the biggest thing. Irl I really actually dislike beanies too (GASP SHOCK HORROR) but the only reason is that I just don't suit hats in real life. ESPECIALLY beanies they just don't suit me. However, they suit Chester and his whole personality is built around those beanies. In common, I really love coffee. Anyone who knows me knows that I am never apart from a coffee. I love food, as does Chester but ... I just like different food than Chester does.

Also in common, I am a deep carer, lover and fighter, as is Chester but I don't really let this show much, same as Chester doesn't. Hmmm more similarities, we both HATE snow. Genuinely I have a burning passionate hate for snow. Luckily we don't get snow much, yes yes laugh away at us Brits for the way we handle the snow. (Shock horror - Yes I am British but Chester is American). Change about myself or Chester ... hmm well if I could transfer Chester's confidence onto myself I would love that. However, I wouldn't like his ego ... His ego could fill the entirety of Kansas so let us not there!

Well that is a great and amazing answer! i have one last question for you! What is the best pick up line you can think of that is not the worst and totally not cheesy at all.

Oooo interesting one. It depends on context and who it is I'm speaking to ... I don't think you can create a non-cheesy pickup line in all honesty but I guess if I had to.

You should be proud, you're intoxicating, I'd totally take a bite out of you.
^^And THIS is why I now date one of my own kind... xD

So thank you for all the funny crazy and weird answers! I've got a little present for you *gives two dinner tickets for a restaurant by your choosing* with a small hint to the person Chester is dating atm!

Ooooo, know of any bloody good restaurants around here? ;)
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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Definitely mispelled that one! xD And wheeee I loved being a part of this! Thanks for being brave enough to come talk to meh!

Neena Addams

Neena Addams Well Ray... That was a really long...…. nickname <3 Well done Mor

Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood This was great, really love these <3

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Excuse me, I think you mistyped 'Chester Douchebag Primordial Ninja Mountain Secret Amphitheatre Salmon Beanie King Almonte' (loooved the article <3)

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles whhahahahah this was amazing to write! thank you chester for not eating me:P

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