Wine & Dine | with Ray Robinson
Hahaha, surprise surprise. What shall I learn today from our own Miss Apple. Well, a surprising dish with an even more surprising ending.

- From : Neena Addams


Welcome loves! My name is Neena Emily Addams and every other week I will suddenly show up at the place of someone in the Nexus and invite them for diner. Not just any diner, but we'll cook their favourite meals and talk about why it is important.

Today I decided to meet own very own apple queen Ray Robinson who shared her secret favourite apple meal!.
It wasn't hard to find outr newest victim, only in this case I might have been the victim. When I asked Ray if she wanted to cook together, she agreed pretty fast. But as soon as I asked her what her favourite dish was, the truth came out.

"So, my favorite meal... That's a tough one, but it'll have to be this strange, Dutch dish called 'hot lightning'. The reason why is pretty obvious, since it has APPLES! *stares dreamily* Anyway, I'm afraid you'll have to do the cooking - I blew up a kitchen by accident once and I have not improved much since... You can ask the poor teacher that tried my cookies in Home Economics if you don't believe me..."

So yeah... I ended up cooking... I'm not sure if Ray got the demo, but the whole idea was that I would have a nice meal once every two weeks without having to cook it. But well. She handed me a note with the recipe and I started cooking with her guidance.
INGREDIENTS: (2 servings, for very hungry people)
- +- 500-600 gr./17.6-21.2 ounces of sweet apples
- 1 sour sweet apple ('Goudreinet' or 'Belle de Boskoop' is a Dutch apple well-suited for this)
- +- 500-600 gr./17.6-21.2 ounces of potatoes
- salt, pepper
- some butter to bake in
- smoked sausage
- brown suger
- cinnamon
Peel the potatoes and apples. Boil the potatoes with some salt. Then cut the apples in fours (without the core) and wash them, do NOT dry them and put them in a pan on a LOW fire. Make sure there is some time between putting on the potatoes and putting on the apples. Then, when the potatoes are almost done (so cooked) you can add the smoked sausage to that pan to warm it up. When satisfied with the potatoes and sausage, take the sausage out and drain both pans (so the potatoes and the apples). The apples are preferably still a bit firm. Mash the potatoes, and add salt/pepper/butter (or even milk) as desired. Finally add the apples and sugar + cinnamon to taste and keep mashing until a semi-smooth dish. since most ingredients are added to taste it's taking some experimenting finding the flavour you like but in general it often tastes like the complete-meal version of apple sauce: sweet but with more body to it. A variation is to replace the smoked sausage with dices of bacon.

Meanwhile, when I was getting the ingredients, Miss Robinson also added some of her own advise that wasn't on this piec eof paper. "Now, in this case, throw in both the sausage ánd the bacon, because more is better! I'll serve it with some warm apple cider, and your warm winter meal is complete *winks*." she told me and so I did.

I have to say, even if I did all the hard work, it was really worth my time and effort. Once it was done, Ray and I sat down together and started talking. "Why is this dish so special for you? I mean, apart from the apples, because well... You are the Apple Queen for a reason." She replied very dry that the dish wasn't really that special. "There's not so much something special about this dish. I was on a hunt in Nevada once, when I ran into a bloke from the Netherlands. We got talking, and at some point I talked about how much I like apples. That's when he gave me this recipe, and well, let me say I thanked him greatly for it. At the rare moments that I have a proper kitchen at my disposal, I get someone to make me this, just because I really like the taste and it isn't something you can just get at a restaurant or cafe. I hope you'll like it just as much as I do!"
Somehow that seems not special to her, but my way to romantic heart melted when I heard that. Only, well... I also had a feeling that I was her victim to cook it this time. I hope it tasted well though and I really liked the meal and totally stole the paper with the recipe. The only sad part is that some people are allergic to apples, so they might have a smol problem when trying this dish.
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Qouvus Willow

Qouvus Willow Thats a pretty meeting story, and who says anything with apples isn't special?? lol x3\

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles OMG it looks amazing, cant wait to try it :)

Oliver Hellsinger

Oliver Hellsinger Might have to steal that recipe from you Neena and try it out for myself xD

Wyatt Valentine

Wyatt Valentine Oh that sounds yum o.o

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