Monstrous Musings: Siren
Check out this blog post by Xuan Mai to learn more about the Siren.

- From : Joelle Zakos

The Nexus, Kansas City

Did you ever have a friend that all of the sudden completely did a one-eighty and forgot about his mates once a woman stepped into his life? Wondered how that kind of infatuation could be explained? Well, these creatures may have been the answer in a lot of these cases.

These creatures would be sirens. I'm sure we all know the popular legends or not if you've been living under a rock about half woman, half fish luring fishermen with their song. Only for them to crash into the rocks near the coast and drown. In not so popular myths, they are actually half bird. Even though there are some similarities between the myths and reality, I can tell you that they for sure aren't gorgeous women. Even though they may appear as such. Their true form is anything but attractive, but they can take on the appearance of anything they want. Which is usually their victims deepest desire.

Sirens for one, don't just come in the female variety male or female, does not matter, I wouldn't want to run into either of them, thank you very much but they also don't live in water and aren't partial seacreatures. As a matter of fact, they used to live on islands, back in the day and lured the sailors in by showing what they most desired. Nowadays, they have very much become a part of society and they have adapted as such.

Just showing people what they most desire, doesn't really work anymore, now does it? I mean, we can just order whatever we want off the internet So instead, they 'drug' their victim with their saliva, which contains extremely high levels of oxytocin. Causing them to feel some warm and fuzzy love like kind of eww feelings for the siren. And since they just love to play around with their prey, they manipulate them quite easily into committing the most horrible crimes against their previous loved ones.

Supposedly there's several ways to effectively kill a siren. One is just simply beating it to death, as Dean has done just in case any of you wonder how he got siren stuck in his hair or, by simply truely loving it back. Another way is by using a bronze dagger coated in the blood of one of its victims which could be rather painful for said victim and sounds sort of messy.
So, TL:DR; If one of your mates ever disappears on you for a woman.. be sure to check whether or not you're dealing with one of these. This would be wise, for your own safety as well.

Also, enjoy this little gem I came across while picture hunting I hope it makes your day as it did mine
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Neena Addams

Neena Addams This will come in very usefull

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte I love love love this. Keep em coming

Hossef Ackerman

Hossef Ackerman Interesting...

Ariel Bouvier

Ariel Bouvier *stabs possibly infatuaded friend with bronze dagger and then their significant other* how could that get awkward? Pfftt

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks Very informative! Sirens are very interesting creatures <#

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