10 reasons why...
Sometimes all you need is a little convincing to do that thing you were doubting about. Today I show you why you should really apply for one of these 5 TA jobs!

- From : Neena Addams

10 Reasons why:
Being a Teacher's Aide is the best job ever

Written by
Your own Neena Addams
We already discussed how much fun being a Techie can be and how I absolutely love to write, but there are more imporant jobs, especially at the Nexus. For example, what would a school be without Instructors or their Teacher's Aides?

10 reasons why being an TA is awesome:

1.You can work very closely with your favourite teacher. And who wouldn't want that?

2. You work in a very small team. Usually it's just you and your Instructor, so there isn't much discussion.

3. You and your Instructor create your own relation. Not every Instructor works the same way, but together the two of you will find a way to work together.

4. You're job is to read and correct. You don't have to write or plan much, you're job is to read homework and correct where needed. So what the others do for extra credit, you actually get paid for.

5. You can learn more about your favourite class. By reading all this interesting homework, you will also learn more about the thing you are interested about.

6. You pick your own boss. I know, that works for all jobs, but there is only one Chief Sentinel and many Instuctors to choose from.

7. Most Instructors are just amazing. Like really, they are amazing and have really nice ideas. I love every Instructor in our team, although I have brothers too and you know the sibling love is different.

8. You learn how to grade correctly. While doing this job, you also learn hwo to grade correctly, which you can use to earn more money, but also use to make your homework.

9. This job prepares you to become an Instrucor. It's not mandatory, not at all. But my being a TA you already learn part of what it means to be a real Instructor.

10. If the Instructor likes you, he might give you the answers for his exam. Well, no, I am pretty sure they won't XD Sorry, but maybe you can give suggestions for the class. If the Instructor is open for it.
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Tilian Castwell

Tilian Castwell Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Jada Moore

Jada Moore I would love this job, it sounds great!

Echo Maddix

Echo Maddix I loveeee it, are any of you interested in being the AT for Survival? That class is amazing and I know the Instructor is looking for a AT...

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson I sorta feel like that first one is directed at me xD Great article!

Emma Knight

Emma Knight Looks like fun

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Oooooo interesting!!!

Sylvar Ventoris

Sylvar Ventoris Oh, I love this so much!

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