Intriguing Interviews: Vol.2
Ready for another weird interview? Check this out!

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Intriguing Interviews

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Interviewee: Theodore Rickhart
Interviewer: Casey Ravenhearst

Hey y’all! Welcome back to another interview article! I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what random questions and what random person has been chosen for this article! So without adding more suspense… Your lovely angel Faction Leader Theodore Rickhart has been chosen for this weeks article! Are you ready to see what answers this red bean has to share? Well then keep reading because the interview is right below ;)

Q1: If you were at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon, what movie would you most want to see on television?

Theo: “This is where I should say a very manly film like...... erm what is manly? Personally, I'd say any Disney film or something like the Notebook because that is what hangover Sundays are meant for!”

Q2: What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Theo: “Chai and Gin oh and a crisp sandwich because that is the quickest way to my heart. Food and booze... take note of that!”

Q3: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a hotel room?

Theo: “Fun fact! I was once very very drunk in a hotel room in Las Vegas.... see now you think you know where this story is going but it involves a wall and a sharpie pen... I decided to get creative and make a mural on a wall... that was costly!”

Q4: Would you rather be able to copy and paste in real life, or undo in real life?

Theo: “I think I would rather copy and paste as it would help all my work get done quicker in The Nexus. Plus nothing should be undone as we all learn and grow from making mistakes and they make us better for it. (Oh so wise Nephilim... I know! ;) )”

Q5: What’s a common thing you think about when you’re alone?

Theo: “Chester.... Nah Joke.... usually I think about sleep and all the work I have to do the next day because I'm a workaholic!”

Alrighty, that’ll be it for this week! Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s interview and the July topic spotlight!

Reminder: A question generator is used to get these random questions.
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Jaydrien Ketchum

Jaydrien Ketchum Excellent interview! Those are some rather funny experiences.

Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery I love all these questions and answers! Beautiful work Theo and Casey! ♥

Theodore Rickhart

Theodore Rickhart I loved participating in this!

Edison Ashby

Edison Ashby Buahaha, this made me smile. Such a great interview! It was very kind of you to share more information about yourself with the world, Teddy! Even if...that info is...odd.

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte It is so obvious you think of me Theo sooo obvious. ;) On another note, what a fB interview! Well done and keep it up!

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