Intriguing Interviews: Vol. 7
What weird things are there to find out about instructor, Zoe Ashing? We're about to find out! Don't forget to comment and/or like if you enjoyed this blog post.

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Hello, it is with great pleasure that I bring before each of you readers yet another Intriguing Interview! Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite columns I have written xD Anyway, this time we will be interviewing everyone’s favorite Religious Lore Instructor, Zoe Ashing!

Before we start, I’d like to remind everyone that both the interviewees and the questions in these interviews are completely random! We use a generator, and out pops a name for us to interview. We also use a generator for the questions! Keep reading to see the crazy questions Instructor Ashing is presented with!

Q1: What is the biggest risk that you've taken?

Zoe: “Oh, that's a hard one. I think the biggest risk I've taken was coming here. I had been living in Oklahoma when all this crap started and, while I wasn't thriving, I was surviving pretty well with a small group. One day we were attacked and there were three of us left. I decided to risk traveling halfway across the country to come here. I think it was worth it.”

Q2: Do you prefer to take baths or showers?


Zoe: “Uh, this is a real question? Well, in that case, I'd say showers. The only reason I take a bath is to soak sore muscles, and after I get done soaking, I still have to rewash and rinse off. I'm just not a fan of soaking in the same water that has collected all the dirt and grime from your body.”

Q3: What is your idea of a perfect first date?

Zoe: “Okay, so I don't have a lot of experience here, so I'm just going off stuff I've seen in movies. I think something simple: a drive around town, dinner, movie, or something along those lines. Heck, the dinner could be a grilled cheese and I'd still be happy. One of my first dates back in Oklahoma was horseback riding and that was amazing. The other first date was a movie, but the theater flooded while we were there, so needless to say that was a bust.”

Q4: What are some things that you should not say at a funeral?

Zoe: “Well...there's a lot of things you probably shouldn't say. I would definitely not recommend poking old people and saying 'you're next' as that tends the end up with you getting hit by canes and handbags. I'd also recommend against starting drama by saying 'I'm so-and-so's daughter/son and they left everything to me', that will see you kicked out of the funeral. Or anything like 'about time' as that is...not nice.”

Q5: How would you know if you were in love?

Zoe: “You know that's a good question. I honestly have no idea. Maybe one of the married couples around here can answer, but I've never been in love I don't think. Maybe butterflies or a 'home' feeling? That's what everyone says at least.”

Annnnd that concludes our interview! However, if you keep an eye out you may spot a couple more articles to look forward to this week! ALSO, reminder that we’re keeping our eyes out for the topic spotlight for September! Get topicing and you may find yourself in the spotlight!

Ta ta for now!



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Neena Addams

Neena Addams I just love this! Well done!

Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste Oh i love this!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte I freaking love this. Well done and keep ‘em coming.

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks This is one of my favorite articles too <3 I quite enjoyed this one! Great job <3

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