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Want to participate in all of our upcoming events (yes, you do)? Check out this blog post to find all upcoming due dates. Please participate if you are able. It helps to keep WoS the lively place we all know and love.

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Joelle Zakos-Tryggvason

Due dates are fast approaching...

VIP Contest due: Dec. 15th
Have you always wanted the chance to win 2 Weeks free days of VIP? The ability to use GIFs as your profile picture? Code your backstory and profile text? This is your chance!
Find out more:

Demonology Instructor Application due: Dec. 15th
Demonology Instructor Applications are now OPEN! It could be you!
Find out how to apply:

Christmas SoMe contest due: Dec. 24th
Hello there wonderful users of WoS! Welcome to this year's Christmas SoMe Contest! We need to help Santa find his Reindeer! Find out more about how you can participate and win prizes

Secret Santa due: Dec. 24th
Want to send an anonymous Christmas card to someone? Find out more:

Good luck!
Joelle Zakos-Tryggvason
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Kailynne Avery

Kailynne Avery YES GO JOIN! You'll win some awesome prizes along the way too ;) ♥

Jaeha Kwon


Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Yusssss. Join in guys!!!

Meeting place for SPN fans

The Darkness was released, demons and monsters run amok, and the apocalypse seems to return every few years. The only thing to do is band together, man and monster alike, to protect the world as we know and maintain a balance. Our Supernatural Universe will allow you to live life in a dangerous, demon-filled world, protected at the Nexus where hunters, Men of Letters, nephilim, witches, and beneficent creatures have come together for a common cause. Take classes, roleplay in chat and forums, and face the demon threat! We need you!

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