Graduate Staff Interviews: Bree McKenna
Want to get to know Bree McKenna better? Check out this interview!

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Graduate Staff Interviews

Bree McKenna - Leader of Illustrators

  1. FULL NAME - Bree McKenna
  2. CAREER/ROLE - I provide the place with items in store with my team! I am the Leader of Illustration
  3. FACTION - I am in Nephilim
  4. CURRENT AGE - 23
  5. STATUS/ES - None
  6. HOMETOWN - I lived in a small town in Canada. I hardly even remember the name now that I have moved around so much. But I do remember a hot springs and a beauitful park.
  7. CURRENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS-I live in an apartment in Topeka, Kansas
  8. SIGNIFICANT OTHER/S - I am dating Daan Campbell, that one bearded hunter that makes some pretty awesome books.
  9. CHILDREN - No children. Nope.
  10. WHY IS THE NEXUS IMPORTANT TO YOU? - The nexus at the time when I was in it, just like all the younger people are now, was a place that I actually rebelled against. Now..older..and maybe slightly more wiser..the Nexus has provided me an outlook. A place to express myself and given my an opportunity that not many get. So anyone reading this always remember. If it seems tough means it will have an impact later for the better.
  11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AT THE NEXUS? -I haven't really explored much of the Nexus in a long while! So..Probably the Rec center. I mean its a place to have fun right? Ourside the Nexus you can probably find me at the bar or my apartment. Ha.
  12. QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? - "Out Of My Mind, Back In Five Minutes."
  13. ANY ADVICE FOR INCOMING WOS MEMBERS? -The place may seem big and scary at first, but we are all ready to welcome you. You are in a safe and friendly place and anyone of us are ready to assist you with anything you need. If you need whatever it may be know that you will always have a helping hand right there. Also if you go through the place and see maybe an item missing that you think belongs, shoot my a mail! Maybe we can get what you most desire in your experience in the Nexus on the here with you to interact with.

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Riley Darkwood

Riley Darkwood Wonderful article! and loved the interview <3

Stefan Valentine

Stefan Valentine Great blog post! Nice to get to know you

Daan Campbell

Daan Campbell You're dating who now? *raises an eyebrow* great article tho!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Yeyyy. Nice one Jojo and Bree. Love the interview.

Viktor Storm

Viktor Storm Interesting to read! I love getting to know the grad staff! <3

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