Everything But The Kitchen Sink- 1
A blog series where I go and search the internet for all things Supernatural. Please let me know in the comments or in the mail if you liked this blog series. This will help me know whether I should make more like this or not.

- From : Joelle Zakos

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink
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Wondering how may weird things I, Joelle, can fit into one article? No need to be curious any longer. This article series, "Everything But The Kitchen Sink", is going to be about trying to cram as many random things as possible into one article. It's going to get weird. It's going to get random. It's going to get overwhelming. It's going to make you concerned for my sanity... Enjoy!

Part 1- My Online Quiz Experience

It's been a while since I've watched an episode of Supernatural no spoilers please. So I've decided to try my hand at a supernatural quiz. Brace yourselves...

I located a quiz that sounded fun on Magiquiz. The title was, "These 12 Questions Will Determine Your “Supernatural” Character Soulmate". See, I already know my Supernatural soulmate is Dean Winchester. I've been feeling the love connection ever since I watched episode one. But... I figured it might be a good idea to humor the creators of this quiz and give it a shot.

It started by asking me which I was most afraid of: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. For me, this wasn't a complicated question. Hell obviously! If you haven't seen the season where one of our favorite characters ends up in Hell... well... let's just say it doesn't look pretty. The next questions go on to ask about my level of nerdiness, what I'm running from in my life, my trust for other people, and more. One of my favorite questions was: if you were an emotion what would you be? I'm kinda curious to see what you all answered for that question. Mine was an easy one. I am clearly angst XD. Then... it was time to find out my results...

SAM WINCHESTER?! What? Clearly they've given me the wrong brother. Although maybe I have more in common with Sam than Dean in the long run... I don't know. Take the quiz for youself and let me know how accurate you think it is and what your results were. Can't want to read them in the comments.
Take the quiz yourself and share your results in the comments:

Part 2- Supernatural Halloween Costumes

Ready for part two? Seeing how Halloween is right around the corner and our Twitter account is already full of Supernatural pumpkin carvings, I decided that I wanted to search the internet for fun Supernatural Halloween costumes. Ready to see what I found?
Halloween CostumeHalloween CostumeHalloween CostumeHalloween Costume

Do you have a favorite?

That's all for today my friends. Let me know what you thought of this blog series, and if you'd be interested in reading more like this.
Lots of Love,


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Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste This test you speak of had made me curious so I took it, and... I got Crowley. How interesting. I do think we would make a wonderful couple XD

Azahara Quereyac

Azahara Quereyac I get CAAAS not bad but if i had to choose my soulmate will be Lucifer <3

Daan Campbell

Daan Campbell According to the quiz, my supernatural soulmate would be Charlie Bradbury (which sounds pretty legit to me xD) and since I am not a fan of genderbend cosplay.. I think I prefer the first one :D

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks Okay but Jensen as Sam, Misha as Dean, and Jared as Cas <3 <3 <3 perfection

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton Niiiice :D

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