Everything But The Kitchen Sink- 1
A blog series where I go and search the internet for all things Supernatural. Please let me know in the comments or in the mail if you liked this blog series. This will help me know whether I should make more like this or not.

- From : Joelle Zakos

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Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste This test you speak of had made me curious so I took it, and... I got Crowley. How interesting. I do think we would make a wonderful couple XD

Azahara Quereyac

Azahara Quereyac I get CAAAS not bad but if i had to choose my soulmate will be Lucifer <3

Daan Campbell

Daan Campbell According to the quiz, my supernatural soulmate would be Charlie Bradbury (which sounds pretty legit to me xD) and since I am not a fan of genderbend cosplay.. I think I prefer the first one :D

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks Okay but Jensen as Sam, Misha as Dean, and Jared as Cas <3 <3 <3 perfection

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton Niiiice :D

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