Graduate Staff Interviews: Dastan Mavros
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Graduate Staff Interviews

Dastan Nikolias Mavros- Faction Leader/Mega Coven

  1. FULL NAME - Dastan Nikolias Mavros
  2. CAREER/ROLE - Faction Leader/Mega Coven
  3. FACTION - Mega Coven
  4. CURRENT AGE - 34
  5. STATUS/ES - Phoenix
  6. HOMETOWN - Amarillo, Texas - until age 10. Moved a lot from 10 to 17 but had a large home in Dallas, Texas.
  8. SIGNIFICANT OTHER/S - Chester Almonte - but they allow each other to be free with whoever they like
  9. CHILDREN - none but he wants one but Chester says no
  10. WHY IS THE NEXUS IMPORTANT TO YOU? - It was a key moment of safety allowing me a way to be able to control my powers when I was at my most vunerable, it taught me not only spells which can be used to harm but many spells in which I was able to help and heal. It has taught me that over the years no matter the age, many people are able to surprise me.
  11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AT THE NEXUS? - I like to spend time in his office, due to the peace and quiet I will normally be able to get, but most of my office is fireproof after one to many 'accidents' by both myself and others. However, I also love to spend time wandering around the corridors of the Nexus and in most of all in the Mega Coven Faction Quaters, to get to know my witches better but to also help those who are in need of it and not to be viewed as someone to be looked up as staff but as a friend.
  12. QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? - Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life [Quote Sensored]
  13. ANY ADVICE FOR INCOMING WOS MEMBERS? - Grab every oppurtunity with both hands sparked full of power, never be afraid of what is in front of you as that is what you can see. Make sure you have eyes all over the room.

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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Loving the censored quote. XD Great interview Das and Jo.

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