Wine & Dine | with Joe Black
What is a better way to get to know someone that cooking their favourite dish together? In this blog I, Neena Addams, will take you with me when I visit people from the Nexus and make their favourite meal.

- From : Neena Addams


Welcome loves! My name is Neena Emily Addams and every other week I will suddenly show up at the place of someone in the Nexus and invite them for diner. Not just any diner, but we'll cook their favourite meals and talk about why it is important.

Settle down for a nice meal and some interesting things I discovered something I never knew about Joe Black.
As Joe Black is still a student at the Nexus, I had asked him to come and join me in the kitchen. I had already discussed this with the chef, who had prepared a small place of our kitchen for me and Joe to work. I came into the kitchen first, but not much later, Joe came in and we started talking.

"Hey Joe! How are you? Are you excited?" I asked him when he walked in. He smiled and waved before he joined me at the prepared counter. "Hey Neena. Yeah I am. I can't wait to share this with you," he told her.

As I turned to the counter and saw the ingredients we would work with today, I did get a little curious. "So Joe... What is your favourite meal and why?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. Joe stopped looking at the ingredients, it was like he was judging the quality, and looked at me. "Cottage pie. My birth mom made the best," Joe told me before he started to work.

Looking at Joe, working his magic, I had to know how his mum made this best cottage pie ever. "Well, how did she do it? She must have a special recipe?" To be honest, this wasn't just for you guys. I really wanted to know. Luckily, Joe told me the precise steps to take, and I wrote them all down so I could try and make this cottage pie at home too.
" 1) Peal potatoes
2) Cut the potatoes
3) Boil the potatoes
4) Mash the potatoes
5) Cook mince to your liking
6) Put the mince in an oven dish and cover with the mash potatoes
7) Cook in the oven until golden brown "

Well, that sounds easy enough right? I even tried to follow these seven steps and I just made my very first cottage pie ever this week.

Waiting isn't exactly my strongest point you can ask anyone about that... but in this case, I didn't really mind. This meant more time for me to question Joe. "Joe, I have to ask. What does this cottage pie have that makes it so special to you?" I asked him. He looked at me and smiled, as if reliving a memory. "My mom used to make it for me on my birthday every year until I was kicked out" he told me. This left me confused, because why choose a favorite dish when it brings back sad memories. However, my doubts went away as soon as I tasted this amazing dish and realised it doesn't always have to be a story that makes a dish so special. This one was just special because of his wonderful taste.
This cottage pie changed my view of looking at food. It tasted great and to be honest, it made me make this dish for the very first time myself. There are many ways to make it, but this one is pretty great.
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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Cottage Pie is the BEST

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