Graduate Staff Interviews: Logan Torsten
Interested in learning more about the fabulous, Hunters faction leader, Logan Torsten? Check out this blog posting!

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Graduate Staff Interviews

Logan Torsten- Faction Leader/Hunters

  1. FULL NAME - Logan Klaus Torsten
  2. CAREER/ROLE - Faction Leader/Hunters
  3. FACTION - Hunters
  4. CURRENT AGE - 24
  5. STATUS/ES - I hold the status of Marksman, being an expert in firearms, I never miss.
  6. HOMETOWN - I was born in Dusseldorf in Germany
  7. CURRENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS- After a lot of traveling around I managed to settle in Milwaukee, Michigan. I live in a lake house on the edge of Lake Michigan.
  8. SIGNIFICANT OTHER/S - Glad to say I'm in a relationship with the lovely medical trainer Amberle Colt.
  9. CHILDREN - HAHAHAHAHA, nope. I ain't got any children. Yet.
  10. WHY IS THE NEXUS IMPORTANT TO YOU? - Even though I never joined, the Nexus taught me what hunters were truly meant to be. Protectors of those who couldn't protect themselves. I wanted to teach that to other hunters, you can be a hero and still kick some serious %$# at the same time.
  11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AT THE NEXUS? - Favourite place has gotta be the armory. All those guns and all that ammo, the smell of gunpowder just lures me there.
  12. QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? - I would say that the quote I live by is George Patton, "It is better to fight for something than to die for nothing."
  13. ANY ADVICE FOR INCOMING WOS MEMBERS? - Yup, always carry a knife. You never know when you need to stab someone... Or make toast.

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Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Toast almighty!

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton Suuure I definitely will carry a knife around if a wild toast appears. (Great post btw.)

Theodore Rickhart

Theodore Rickhart Adore this!

Logan Torsten

Logan Torsten Lovethis xD

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