10 Reasons Why
A look into why supernatural is one of the best shows of all time.. and well... it’s not wrong ;) come join us in this awesome journey!

- From : Zahra Valentine

10 Reasons why:
Supernatural is amazing

Written by the Supernatural fandom
Obviously, we're all Supernatural fans here. That was at least what I thought... However, there are rumors there are some amongst us that haven't seen the show yet *looks suspiciously at Mr Marvelles*. Therefore this post, where I will inform you why Supernaturals is worth to bingewatch. If you've already watched the show, let us know in the comments if you agree with the ten following points or if there's something missing!

10 reasons why Supernaturals is amazing:

1. Supernatural is - quite surprising - a show about the most awesome supernatural beings. From angels to demons and vampires to faeries, all will appear in this show! Even teddy bears, apparently.

2. The music is just awesome! Dean is a classic rock fan, so there are a lot of rock and roll songs. So if you're a fan of this kind of music, it's already only because of that a huge recommandation!

3. Talking about Dean, there are a lot of good-looking characters in the show. Of course this is far less important than the great plot of the show and such things, but hey - it's not like that you will hear us complaining about it.

4. Also, the relationship between the Winchester brothers is just the BEST! If you have a sibling, you'll probably relate. Sam is the little annoying brother, whereas Dean is the big overprotective one. They would go through hell for each other=, literally.

5. And then the villains in this show! You can't help but love to hate them. On the one side you'd love to get rid of them, but on the other side is Supernatural not as great without them.

6. It's great bingewatch-material, because the show consist of fourteen seasons at this moment and there's a fifteenth season coming. So don't be afraid you'll get rid of the Winchesters that easily!

7. There is some extremely funny and quoteable stuff being said in the show. "Pudding" is iconic as well as "I found a liquor store. And I drank it" and many more!

7. Thanks to Supernatural, there are gifs for every occassion!

9. The ships. There are a lot of good and not so good ships of the characters of Supernatural. I mean, anyone, team #Destiel?

10. The awesome Supernatural fandom, of course! Since the show has been going on for a long time, the fandom is really big. It's a big, supportive and - not to forget - awesome family! And after this article we except nothing else than expending this family!

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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Hahaha! Yeah, seems legit!

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Yasssss. I agree!

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles THIS IS AWESOME <3

Arcanus Fatum

Arcanus Fatum Nice article

Zahra Valentine

Zahra Valentine Love this and agree on every point! XD

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson It's awesome how often the word awesome was used here xD

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