Intriguing Interviews: Vol. 10
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In my last edition of Intriguing Interviews, I interviewed Nola Addams. Today... we're switching things around. Today, Nola's man is in the hot-seat. Can Nick Addams top Nola's answers? We're about to find out. Brace yourself for some serious weird.

Question: If You Had The World’s Attention For 30 Seconds, What Would You Say?

Answer: "APPLES FOR YOU! AND FOR YOU AND FOR EVERYONE OF YOU!" Okay, maybe not exactly this, but I at least would want some kinda rule about apples taken up in the constitution. Now, to be serious. I would tell the world that we are falling apart, and that we need to find the glue to help us back together. To stop hating each other and try and respect each other more. There is a serious lack of respect. But hey! Maybe we can change that with a few apples!

Question: What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?

Answer: This interview is going to be really original. In my fridge right now... are apples. But also leftovers of a cake we had yesterday. A few of Nola's dishes.. because I'm lazy, so when Nola is home late I can just throw one of those in the microwave. Like literally throw them, it's a kitchen game. You open the microwave... take a few steps back... and just... use some baseball moves. *grins*

Question: If You Were Home On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon, What Movie Would You Most Want To See On Television?

Answer: I like a good comedy or lame comedy for that matter. Like "American Pie" or "How I Met Your Mother". But also historical movies like "the Last Kingdom" can be something I would enjoy.

Question: If You Could Close One Fast Food Chain, Due To Disgusting Food, What Would You Pick?

Answer: KFC. I loathe KFC, the mushy chicken and mostly cold food is digusting, and besides, they don't have apples on their menu. So I practically never go there anyways. But can't we just close all fast food chains? I mean the nutrition worth in these dishes, it's horrible!

Question: If You Could Be A Member Of Any TV-Sitcom Family, Which Would It Be?

Answer: BBC's "My Family" is probably a family I would feel at home with. The grumpy father, the sarcastic overachiever of a mother, the rebelious daughter, the idiotic son and the nerdy youngest son. I would just enjoy sitting in a chair with popcorn and watch them all day. Besides, dad and me would get along perfectly!

Question: What Would Be The Best Thing About Not Having A Sense Of Smell?

Answer: Okay, this is a tricky question. But if you don't have a sense of smell your sense of taste will be less too. Sometimes Nola still burns food, and to not hurt her feelings I will eat it anyways. So, I think that would be the positive thing about losing the sense of smell. On the otherhand... I would lose the smell of good roasted beaf too. This is a very hard thing to decide on! Ethical dilemma this is!

Question: Would You Rather Leave Your Hometown Forever Or Stay In Your Hometown Forever?

Answer: I love my town, my home. It's close to my family, it will be the starting place for my own family as well. So, I'd probably don't want to leave my hometown. Although a house on a beach somewhere would be pretty perfect too! Go fishing whenever I can or for a run along the beach... NOLA! WE ARE MOVING!

Thank you so much for reading! Our next edition is going to have an interview from Hela! Are you excited! I know I am!

Lots of Love,


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Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson Oh you sound just like me <3 APPLES FOR EVERYONE

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Dare I say which Addams gave the best answers? ... No i really really don't. xD

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