The Spotlight (August 2018)
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Casey Ravenhearst
Joji Saberhagen and Ray Robinson

Hello and welcome back to a Spotlight! It’s been about a month since you’ve had the pleasure of reading about a topic us boysenberries have chosen to tell you about. So, yet again we’re a bit late, but it took a while to find one as a lot of them were great! The winner of August's spotlight topic is “Axes and Articles” by Joji Saberhagen and Ray Robinson. However, we will only be interviewing Ray as Joji has not been seen for a while o.O

The topic starts out with Ray sitting in a calm spot reading the Hunters paper in the Armory. While reading she finds out that someone had been spying on her swimming, and while she was flattered, it still upset her. Ray eventually gets up and begins throwing axes, and not long after Joji comes in and joins her. Joji, deciding to be playful, begins using spells to move his axes, the target, and pretty much everything in between. Ray slowly gets more upset and confronts him. Joji nervously introduces himself. If you want to find out what happens after that, you’ve got to check out the topic!


Q1: What inspired you to create this topic?

Ray: “Well it all started with SOMEONE *totally doesn't look at Amanda Hamilton OOG* apparently spying on Ray while she was practicing in the pool of the fitness center. This appeared in a gossip article of the Faction's paper and this made Ray pretty furious. So I figured that she would have to let that anger out - and she isn't exactly the type to do that subtly. That's why I picked the armory.”

Q2: What is the relation between Joji and Ray now?

Ray: “I think that Ray is a lot less hostile to him than to other persons at the Nexus *laughs* But really, Ray tends to keep her distance and always seems to be joking and kicking ass. But Joji can count himself to a very select group of people that sees a different side of Ray where she's more serious and kind.”

Q3: Do you have plans to topic in the future?

Ray: “ Of course, I love topics! I still need to spy on Chester* by putting up camera's with Amand- I mean I still have to study and hunt monsters *angel face*”

Q4: What advice do you have for others beginning to topic?

Ray: “Don't be intimidated by the topic. Just be creative and try to interact with other characters and if a topic is lacking action, just make something happen. Whether it's something silly, or a scary noise or even a spider walking across the table, it will give your topic some direction and a reason for others to react to whatever happened. But most importantly: just have fun!”

Alrighty! That’ll be it people! Keep topicing and next time you may end up in this blog post! Make sure to keep watching for any other blog posts from us boysenbabes!  


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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Love it!

Allison Brooks

Allison Brooks This is fantastic! Honestly, one of my favorite articles <3

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton *is totally innocent and has nothing to do with this* (angel) Awesome post anyway! :D

Amberle Colt

Amberle Colt Ohh interesting!

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