Behind the Brain || 004
Being a Head of Faction must be a tough job. Ever wondered what is hidden beneath that beautiful cherry colour of some. Today Morrigan brought his companion Hela Bapiste for a small interview.

- From : Neena Addams

Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Dearest readers and welcome back to edition 4 of behind the brain. After i found my 4th victim i was so happy that she said yes and you are all wondering who it is??? Hela Baptiste Welcome Hela and please take a seat. *hands out some cinnamon toast and rolls and tea for the interview* Thank you for letting us take a peek in your brain today!

Hela entered and bowed at him in respect, smiling as she took a seat. “Thank you for having me! Its an honour to be here.” She replied, accepting the cinnamon toast and tea. “And thank you for the complementary snacks.” She teased with a wink and sipped her tea.

Welcome Hela, i hope you will have a wonderfull time today and please for the readers that dont know you tell us something about yourself and something funny/weird we should definitly not know about!

Hela let out a laugh and nodded. “Well, my name is Helaena Gaelle Baptiste, but normally people just know me as ‘Hela’ or the ‘peculiar one’. Im the Faction Leader for the Men of Letters, its a small faction within the Nexus, we’re quiet and kind of all peculiar really.” She started off with her usual grin. “Im also an Arch-Nephilim, a lot of you might not have known. And my favourite attire around my home is a simple oversized shirt that reach to my knees and underwear. Thats all. So, before any of you decide to come visit me, know that I may be dressed like that.” She joked and laughed at her own joke cause she’s weird that way.

Wow, i already liked you but now even more. I will visit soon *winkwink* I was wondering, what is a hidden talents that you want to share, and what is something you adore that nobody knows?

She held back her laughter enough to answer the next question. “Talent? Hm.. I do have several useless ones.” She laughed. “Well, im pretty good at towel whipping, so much so I can make people bleed. Im also a pretty good shot. I can knock a water bottle off a counter with a rubber band or a pebble, anything really.” She laughed once more at how silly the situation was.

Really??, okay so can you tell us your weirdest dream, and that is not like spilling tea all over me to get my shirt off??

She almost choked on her tea as he said that and coughed, followed by laughter. “Hey! That was an accident.” She quickly replied with another series of laughter. “I had a recent dream actually. It was weird, cause I was hunting for food in a loincloth, being chased by tiger that could talk. It was ridiculous, but fun at the same time.” She explained.

Who i ones dreamed of having a dungeon filled with cheeseburgers well i am weird so. So the rumors are, that you and Morrigan are hanging out//Dating. Even have nicknames for each other?? how did that happend and what are the latest news we can share about that-- (thanks who ever wrote that)

“Ooh. I like this question.” Hela winked and cleared her throat. “I really like, Morrigan tbh. He’s such a great guy and everytime im with him, I dont feel old.” She laughed at her own joke. “For real though, he’s one of the best people ive known.” She continued, blushing at the thought of the 6ft10 hunk of a man. She sighed and sipped her tea once more.

WEll thank you *blushed away* If you woud go on a date with no limit, what is the first thing you would want to do, or a trip or anything if it was possible with no limits.??

“Oh my! Well, one thing about me is that I really really love extreme things. Im a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so maybe an adventure like climbing a mountain, bungee jumping, skydiving!” Hela sighed happily.

WOW Amazing, so i have a great ideao for our trip! Okay, what is the differnce between you and Hela Ooc what do you have in common and what is something you would like to be yourself what Hela has and you dont? And what is the only thing that you would change about her?

“Hela and I are pretty similar, tbh. We’re both pretty weird, peculiar beings. What else? We both love tea, weapons.. Just a lot. And one thing Hela has that I dont is confidence, I would like to have more of that for myself lmao and if I could change one thing about her, its that shes old. I wish she was younger or immortal pfft”

Well age is just a number, Ow no, the last question already, i really enjoyed it and i hope to date see you soon! If you win one million today or 10,000 everyone month what would be the first thing you would buy and why

“Awee its done already?” She asked sadly, pouting as she finished the rest of her tea. “I was having so much fun!” She chuckled. “Well, if I could win a million dollars today, id probably wouldnt know what to do with it, to be completely honest. But most probably, id buy an island somewhere, and build centers or homes for people in need, like seniors, troubled mundanes, almost like a safe haven for those in need, or build a house or bunker in the woods.” She laughed at her choice. “But if I get 10000 a month, id probably use the money to rebuild an old house. DIY a home. Ive always wanted to do that. Also probably donate to different foundations. I dont really need the money anyhow.” She finished, grinning her usual Hela grin.

Marry me!!!!! You are amazing! 10/10 for sure And this was already the last question sadly, i hope you enjoyed it and to all our lovely readers see you next time with a new behind the brain!

“Awww no.. I dont wanna go” she said. “But in all honesty, I loved being here. Thank you for inviting me.” She smiled and reached out her hand for a shake. “It was so much fun!”
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Hela Baptiste

Hela Baptiste You're so adorable, my love. :)) it really was a great experience XD

Morrigan Marvelles

Morrigan Marvelles hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there she is my princess <3 so fun to read <3

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